Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is it just me, or are these people crazy???

I survived my three days of spreading the word about our grim future as a nation if we don't do something to stop the uncontrolled population growth heading our way. I became quite a proficient commuter, riding the RTD to downtown Denver, then hopping on a free Mall bus for a 6 block ride up the street to my desired location. And then reversing it at the end of my shift.
Here's some more interesting things I heard during my three days on the sidewalks. I was called a racist against the human race, I was told to learn Spanish. One guy told me it's OK for people to come into our country illegally because, he assured me, I'm breaking at least 20 laws every day. He couldn't specifically name one law he was sure I was breaking though. One young lady said we have lots of room for 100 million more people because she's been to Nebraska and Nebraska isn't crowded. I mentioned to her that most unpopulated places don't have water for all those people to drink. Hmmmm. She hadn't thought of that. A young mother said she's been to Asia and our country isn't as bad as Asia, so no need to do anything here. Another guy said if we got rid of all the cars, streets and parking lots we would have lots more room to build and house 100 million more people. Another guy said we should all ride horses to solve all of our problems. Another guy said he's not worried about over population because he's been to the Vet. TMI!!! TMI!!!
I've been in Denver for 11 days. I think I've had my city fix for quite awhile!! Tomorrow I'm heading south.

If you want to view more photos I took while in Denver, here's a link:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking my cause to the streets of Denver

After a phone call early Tuesday morning, I was committed to finding my way to downtown Denver to assist like-minded Americans in passing out fliers on the destruction of uncontrolled immigration, legal and illegal, to our American quality of life.
I drove to a park-and-ride location where I parked my truck and hopped on an express rapid transit bus to downtown. I met up with my cohorts, and proceeded to annoy a few resistant-to-change curmudgeons. One guy took our flyer, crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. A nice lady offered to take it to her office and put it in the paper recycle bin. I tried to appeal to the "we believe in change" supporters. Not too many of them seem to be interested in the positive change of controlling our out of control over population problem. But some were. And I mentioned to the people on the VERY CROWDED SIDEWALK that with 100 million more people added to our country in the the next 20-30 years, our sidewalks will become even more crowded. I mentioned that if we UNITED together we can have HOPE of CHANGING the crisis facing our country. I'm convinced that the people in Denver for the convention aren't really interest in positive change.
I was pretty busy, but I did manage to get a few pictures of some of the really crazy stuff going on downtown. I'm going back Wednesday and Thursday. I'll try to get more pictures. And I'll try to sit down once in awhile to rest and maybe even eat lunch. And now I have it down pat on how to work the bus system. It only cost me $4.25 to ride the bus round trip. Some of my cohorts paid $10.00 just to park for 7 hours downtown.
A few solutions on how to solve our overpopulation problem were brought to my attention.
We can drink cow blood for our protein and water needs.
We can have more potlucks, because, have you ever noticed,
that when ever you have a pot luck, there's always more than enough food for everyone.
One lady told me she can't be concerned about overpopulation because she has 4 kids. I told her that was OK and tried to convince her that it's not too late to preserve our quality of life for her children and grandchildren.
One guy said anyone concerned about overpopulation graduated fourth grade only because they out grew the chairs.
Yep, I can't wait to go back tomorrow!!!

A crowd rushes to see the protesters.

The bus staging to load the arrestees, then take them to the "Gitmo on the Platte"

A few dozen pro-lifers were arrested

I think these guys were protesting the war

This guy was selling his original art of Hillary

My partner Frosty Wooldridge poses with the artist

Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm in Denver for a conference and a rally. Here's some pictures from Monday's rally. Our rally location was quite a distance from downtown Denver, so we didn't have too many disruptions by the anti-free-speech groups.

Chris Simcox, President of MCDC

Carmen Mercer, CFO of MCDC

Bill Greene with

Congressman Tom Tancredo from Colorado, and former Presidential candidate

Tom Tancredo mobbed by supporters and the media

Tom and me

Frosty Wooldridge - a great speaker on the evils of overpopulation

Alan Keyes - very inspiring speaker and presidential candidate. He talks about "Voting for the lesser of two evils, is still voting for evil!!"

Alan Keyes answers questions

My friend and border line partner Ralph from Colorado Springs

Interesting signs

Patriotic Pooch

This charming group tried to disrupt our speakers by chanting a silly nursery rhyme

This guy drove by and had to disrupt our speakers by rudely honking his car horn

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rapid City to Denver, Colorado

I left Rapid City on Sunday, August 17TH. I stopped for diesel and paid $4.29 gallon. That tank averaged 14.1. That made me happy!! I had to get creative in finding a place to dump my holding tanks. I stopped at an RV park south of RC, in Hermosa actually, to ask if I could use their facilities. I stayed at that park two years ago. Two spots were occupied, but other than that, no one was around. I did my business then hit the road. I guess it was OK. No one has come after me yet.
Sunday I made it all the way to Longmont, Colorado Harley-Davidson Dealership where I spent the night in their generous parking lot. It's right off I-25 and right next to Hooter's. (Whoopee). Monday morning I continued down I-25 to the Thorton Costco and did a little damage to my wallet. Then I found my way to the Northglenn Elk's Lodge where I'll probably be staying for at least a week. The RV parking is just in an asphalt parking lot, but there is 30 amp electric, for $10/night. :-)

Tuesday I took my Harley out for a two hour ride south to Royal Gorge which is southwest of Colorado Springs, just off HWY 50. I wasn't really sure what to expect but it sounded like a neat photo opportunity. I left Northglenn (which is about 10 miles north of downtown Denver) around 9:30 AM, dressed for 80+ degree weather. Well, I climbed up to 7,000' Monument Pass where it was cold, cloudy and I thought for sure it was going to snow!! 6,000' Colorado Springs wasn't much warmer. I was practically frozen by the time I stopped for gas just west of Colorado Springs. A temperature sign said it was 59 degrees. Well, with the wind chill factor it felt more like 39 degrees. After getting gas I rummaged through my saddle bags looking for anything I could put on to keep me warmer. I had a leather vest, full finger gloves and warm, fuzzy ear things. The additional clothing helped, and luckily it warmed up quite a bit when the sun came out somewhere between Colorado Springs and Penrose on HWY 115. It was another 25 miles to the Royal Gorge. There's a toll bridge 1053 feet above the Arkansas River. I thought it would be fun to ride over the bridge and take some pictures. However, I declined to pay the $26.00 entry fee. Though for $26.00 you get to roam around the shops and restaurants, ride the tram across the bridge, or drive your own car across. There's also a sky ride there, and a train ride that starts back in Canon City, both for an additional fee. Oh, and you got to use the much needed restroom facilities.
I took the two of these pictures after hiking down a steep trail. They sure make it difficult to take pictures if you don't pay the $26.00 fee.

This was just inside the ticket booth.

Note the tram crossing the bridge.

The Arkansas River, 1053 feet down.

It was a mile back to a rest area with two outhouses, so off I went. It was the smelliest outhouse I've used in quite awhile. After using the facilities I decided to put my warm, fuzzy ear things back on, but they were nowhere to be found. AH, they must have fallen off my bike back at the gorge parking lot. I rode back to my parking spot only to find a big, green, antique, tank sized car of some sort parked in my spot. I got down on my hands and knee and crawled around a bit and lo and behold, there were my beloved warm, fuzzy ear things under the car. I put them on and headed back towards the Elk's Lodge. I stopped at the same gas station just west of Colorado Springs to fill up again, then rode, non-stop, back to the Elk's Lodge parking lot. I definitely got my adrenalin rush for the day, riding on the Denver freeways.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Misc. pictures around Rapid City, SD

I'm sure one of my old lawn mowers is in there somewhere.

This MC rider is prepared, just in case!!!

Jurassic Park in Rapid City????


You don't even have to pay to see the goats on the sky walk!! I took these shots from the parking lot.

This rig pulled into the Thornton, CO Harley-Davidson Dealership where I spent Sunday night. Something was cooking inside the barrels. I could see the smoke coming out the smoke stack, and smell something very yummy!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Some of the Restaurants I dined in while in Rapid City, SD

Applebee's has great food and a large variety.

The Alpine Inn is a fabulous, authentic German restaurant located in Hill City, a deliteful 20 mile scenic motorcyle ride from Rapid City. One of my absolute favorites!!

The Saigon offers Vietnamese and Chinese Cuisine

The Road Killed Cafe serves greats hamburgers, um, with beef, I think

Minerva's has a great Sunday Brunch

The Olive Garden is a favorite of mine for lunch

Fuddrucker's has the best hamburgers served with fresh, homemade buns. And Moose Drool beer!!!

I got to dine with Elivs!!

And my friend John.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Spearfish Canyon

I went on a delightful 125 mile ride starting on the back roads out of Rapid City to Spearfish, then down the scenic Spearfish Canyon, then back to Rapid City on the back roads. It's one of my favorite rides in the Black Hills National Forest because it's so beautiful, with lots of gentle, comfortable curves.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Tuesday I braved the crowds in the usually very quiet town of Sturgis. Riding into town I saw signs offering a free pancake breakfast, free bike wash, and a free oil change (bring your own oil and filter).

Though you can see a Suzuki motorcycle in this picture, about 98% of the bikes at the Sturgis Rally are Harley-Davidsons

A popular place to eat - The Road Kill Cafe

Many residents of Sturgis rent out tent space on their front lawns for $30/night

Lots of free music, too.

After a few hours in Sturgis, I rode back to Rapid City and stopped by the Black Hills Harley-Davidson Dealership

As you can see, I wasn't alone there either.

This week I treated my bike to a new chrome tail light collar, and a set of 71 chrome "Hot Toppers" which are chrome plated covers that fit snugly over nuts and bolt to add a little more bling :-) My bike also got fitted with two new French tires, which were made in Spain. Two Michelin motorcycle tires cost the same as two of my huge Michelin truck tires, which were actually made in the USA!!! :-)