Monday, January 28, 2008

WIN makes the big time

I came upon this link of a TV special made about RVers in Quartzsite, AZ which is where I'm at now. The second half of the show is about my singles RV club WIN. I saw a few glimpses of me on the 4-wheeler trip into the desert.

Since my links aren't working you will have to copy and paste to view. Enjoy!!

Early morning wake-up call!

This morning I started the day with my usual routine - I climb down the ladder, turn on the Blue Flame heater, and the burner under the tea kettle, head to the bathroom, dress appropriately for taking the dogs outside in the cold morning air, lift the dogs down off the bed, put Murphy's coat on him, hitch Oliver up to a leash, then head for their favorite potty spots. We were just about ready to re-enter the trailer after finishing our business when the smoke alarm started screaming at me. I opened the trailer door and low and behold there was a lot of flames coming from the top of the stove. I grabbed a non-flaming corner of the burning dish towel and flung it outside onto the ground. A big gust of wind came up about then, but with the help of my heavy door mat and a cup of water, the fire was extinguished. Apparently I turned on two burners, the front one that I usually turn on, and one of the back burners, which ignited my favorite dish towel I used to use to cover the stove top to help keep it cleaner. Well, there's a big mess now!!! Not really. Sorry if the smoke alarm woke up the neighbors. But at least we all know my smoke alarm works, and that I was able to take care of the situation in an effective and timely manner.

Still nothing on selling my condo or 4-wheeler, but my condo neighbor is still expressing an interest in my condo. We just have to get her prospective buyer off her derriere so we can get the ball rolling. I continue to monitor the real estate market in the Sun City/Sun City West arena, just incase. My list is constantly updated as one after another of my top choices goes into escrow. Maybe my condo hasn't sold yet because the perfect house for me isn't on the market yet. Yeah right!!!

And I'm working on a 6500 mile route for my summer travels. The fuel prices and Al Gore's voice keep echoing in my head, so we'll see. Maybe I'll just get a summer job instead.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My trek to the AZ Desert

My rig parked in Yuma, AZ on BLM land behind the local VFW Lodge.

Shopping at the Tyson Wells Tents in Quartzsite, AZ

Looking east down Kuhn Road in Quartzsite

The Quartzsite Yacht Club is a favorite lunch and dancing spot

Desert Oasis book Store

Having your picture taken with Paul at the Desert Oasis Book Store is a favorite tourist activity

AZ Desert Scene

Lunch break on a desert 4-Wheeler trip

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Or Maybe Not!

My neighbors buyer is holding off until the end of March, so we are back to square one.
So, I'm about hitched up and loaded up for tomorrow's departure for a month long trek out to the AZ and CA deserts, including braving the crowds at the world famous Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

FINALLY!! Maybe.

A neighbor came by this afternoon and said she received an offer on her condo and if the deal goes through she wants to buy mine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Here's a picture of my current first choice house.