Monday, January 31, 2011

Bee at Quartzsite

Mom and I took Bee to Quartzsite for two weeks of camping and shopping. The crowds and vendors seemed a bit less this year, but I still managed to find lots of cool things to buy.

We had to deal with a few water leak issues in Bee, and one little electrical issue, but nothing too serious.

We came home on Saturday, Jan. 29th with an additional passenger. Maizie, my great grand dog was having potty training issues so I brought her home to see if I could have some luck training her. After just 3 days Maizie is getting the hang of doing her business outside instead of in the house. I have the carpeted areas blocked off leaving her lots of non-carpeted area to romp about on. Annie seems to be tolerating this new little intrusion into her life pretty well.

I hope to post some cute pictures of Maizie and Annie soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing Bee, The Argosy

Sunday, January 09, 2011

9 Days Left

The little Argosy had a great adventure. She spent a few days at R&D Family RV for installation of one 150-something Watt Solar Panel and a spiffy control panel. Now her one little battery stays all charged up from the free rays of the sun. I haven't taken a picture of the panel yet, but I will soon. We removed the unneeded TV antenna to make room for the panel.

Ron, at R&D, also installed a gas line for a catalytic heater, a few new light fixtures, hooked up the three existing 12 volt sockets correctly, and installed a brand new water heater. Also, to my great delight, the Argosy now has a brand new hand crank jack. The old one was so hard to crank even when there was no weight or resistance. The new hand crank is so easy compared to the old one that it's almost like having an electric jack. ALMOST!!

Hand Crank Jack

The bathroom is coming along. Hopefully this coming Tuesday and Wednesday our carpenter, Jim, will be finishing up the bathroom and refrigerator. Time is getting short and we still plan to set sail for Quartzsite, AZ on the 17th.

The Argosy has three stabilizing jacks. She used to have four but she lost one sometime during her life. One of the "feet" was terribly bent. I removed it and tried to pound it back into proper shape but I was unsuccessful. So, I stopped by my friendly neighborhood RV dealer and purchased one new "foot." Now she has one shiny new "foot" and two old, rusty looking ones. Maybe someday she will have three more shiny new "feet" along with a forth stabilizer jack. In the meantime, we will use one of those portable jacks. Also, the three jacks got, probably their first ever, a lubricating dose of WD-40. They are working much better now, with less squeaking.

Portable stabilizer jack.

In the meantime, I'm working on the porch light. I finally got the whole assembly unscrewed, un-caulked and removed. I removed the old 12 volt light bulb socket and now I'm trying to figure out how to install a new socket so we can have a lighted porch area.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!!

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. On New Years Eve I sold my beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycle. = (
For many different reasons, it was time. I'm hoping to go shopping for a new fun mode of transportation in a few months. I'll post pictures when that happens.

Since not much has been happening around here, I thought I'd post this picture of the one minute snow storm in my back yard. It's been really cold ever since. I'm ready for the usual 70+ degree AZ winter days to come back.

Here's my tiny glimpse of a typical sunset I get from my back yard. I'd like to build a viewing deck so I can climb up above the tree tops and get a really good view. Desert sunsets are known for being fabulous!!