Friday, June 22, 2007

On the road again

I left Arizona on Thursday, June 21st around 9am. It was already close to 90 degrees. I survived the trek through the 111 degree Palm Springs area and didn't stop until I reached the top of the Cajon Pass where it was only 90 degrees. I spent the night there to the sounds of semis and reefers. Friday morning I forged on to Tehachapi, CA, Land of 4 Seasons, sometimes all in one day. I parked my rig north of town, unloaded my bike and rode around town a little bit, riding past my old houses. It was very upsetting to see that the current owners are NOT caring for my old homes as well as I did. I stopped by an old friends home, not knowing if she still lived there or not, but knocked on the door and lo and behold, my old friend Babs didn't answer, but my old friend Beth answered. Babs, Beth and I were good friends at one time and now I was getting a two for one. Beth was visiting Babs. I stayed and visited with the two them for quite awhile. Boy did I have a lot of catching up to do. Several hours later I got on my bike again, then stopped by to say Hi to two more friends - my daughter's ex-husband's father (commonly referred to as my ex-husband-in-law), and my ex-boyfriend's sister. Tomorrow I have a breakfast date with a handsome young man, my grandson, Zac.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Some will say that the size of the events were too small, the media coverage not good enough, and numerous other things, to show defeat. But lets take a look at exactly how much was accomplished by everyone across America on June 16th, 2007. It is far more then most realize and is without a doubt something everyone should be proud of. On June 16th, 2007, America started their march....and they aren't stopping!

VA Congressman
Virgil Goode
and Me

The Washington Monument,
taken from the steps of the
Capitol Building

My travel buddie
and daughter, Cory

The March started
at The Capitol

My friend John,
on the right,
and friend

Our beautiful
Capitol Building

The Marchers

For more pictures, and some videos
of the DC Rally and the Phoenix, AZ
Rally, go to:

And here, for even more:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Heading to Washington DC

L.F.R.A. is heading out.
Just a reminder for those unable to attend. Please help us out by making a noise with us on the 16th. *Phone talk shows (even ones that don't touch on the subject) and keep their call in lines full of American voices. *Phone in song requests for Patriotic songs (see how many in a row we can get on the air) *Hang out your flag and ribbons, ask friends and neighbors to do the same. *Fill your newspapers with letters to editors and their chat rooms with Americans talking. *Do something...we've all done enough alone...time to do it together. For those that will be holding the lines in other States or from the home front. I want to share the introduction speech that will be read in D.C. on the morning of the 16th. Feel free to use it also if you see fit. Some might recognize it, it's been adapted to fit the situation. In less then an hour, patriots from here will join others from around the nation. And we will be launching the largest united patriotic movement in the history of America. “United” That word should have new meaning to all of us today. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it is fate that today we gather under the Stars and Stripes of our nation’s forefathers, as we continue to fight for our freedom…We are fighting for our right to live in this country. To exist as Americans in our nation. And should we win this day, this day shall no longer be known as just another day, but as the day the United States of America declared in one voice. “Lady Liberty will not go quietly into the night! The Eagle will not vanish without a fight! America is going to live on! Our Nation is going to survive!" Today America celebrates its second Independence Day! Stand strong America. LET'S ROLL!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Meetup Ride to Saguaro Lake 6-9-07

About 40 riders met at the
Quick Trip on Cave Creek
and Deer Valley .

Beautiful desert road

Frank does some trick
riding. Eat your heart
out Rhett Rotten.
Later in the day Frank
broke his ankle zipping
around a speed bump.

Breakfast with a view.

Refueling at BaJa Gas.

Parking with a view.

Friday, June 01, 2007

It's Getting HOT in Phoenix

Memorial Day sentiments displayed by (from left)’s Todd Hartley, Rusty Childress, and Buck Younger with Riders Against Illegal Aliens (throwing in a couple extra fingers) supporting veterans, military, border patrol and law enforcement, also included expressions of disdain toward representatives who ignore or lie to their constituents.

PHOENIX – Memorial Day began before 6 a.m. for numerous patriots, who lined Cave Creek Road just south of Pinnacle Peak Road, around the corner from the entrance to the National Memorial Cemetery, in a pre-memorial to honor the veterans amongst them and the heroes who died for them, and to protest against government leaders, whom they feel are betraying the American people. Rusty Childress’ Riders United for a Sovereign America (Riders USA) arrived on motorcycles flying American flags in support of our veterans, military, border patrol and law enforcement. Along with signs that read, “American Veterans Our Heroes” and “American Veterans are America’s Backbone,” there were some directed at the current administration, including a banner from Bob Park’s organization www.Veterans that read, “Mr. President, They Didn’t Die For Open Borders.” There were signs reflecting the push is still on to free border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean and there was a sign with a picture of Sen. Jon Kyl, RAriz., giving “the finger” that read, “Kyl’s Message to America.” It was a week of turmoil in Arizona after Kyl angered party leadership and constituents, when he signed on with support of the Ted Kennedy, DMass./ President Bush amnesty bill that would give instant legal status to the 12 to 20 to 30 million illegal aliens in the country. No one from either side of the immigration debate had much good to say about most components, but in the grand scheme of coming up with a compromise bill, that generally seems to be the end result; a little something to make everyone unhappy. Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen denounced the bill and Kyl for backing it. Meanwhile, Rep. Russell Pearce, RMesa, called for Sen. John McCain, RAriz. to resign, citing he was too busy running for president to represent his constituents as he’s been absent from voting on numerous items.

On May 21st there was an historical 24 hour protest in front of Sen. Jon Kyl’s office in Phoenix. Both parties need to know if they vote for this bill they are committing not only political suicide, but treason. I joined the demonstrators for 16 hours.

It got pretty warm that day!!