Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 Summer Travel Plans

Here's my latest proposed summer travel plans. I cut out a lot of my original west and southwest stops and kept Milwaukee, and points south. I can do the west and southwest spots next year when I don't have a reason to travel to the midwest. I'd hate to miss the Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Party in Milwaukee just because of high fuel prices. The route is a little over 5,000 miles, not counting all my motorcycle touring miles. I'm really looking forward to riding the Beartooth Pass in Wyoming and Montana, probably in early July. And if all goes well, I'll hit Nashville, Memphis and Hot Springs, Arkansas after Milwaukee. I'm planning on leaving Sun City, AZ around May 15th and returning back to Arizona in late September or early October. Should be a fun summer!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, my prospective buyer isn't buying. Something about bad credit or no credit. Oh well. I'm not sure I'll keep trying to sell. "I'll think it ablout it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boycott Mexico

Boycott Mexico
March 24th, 2008 Action Alert.

Because of extreme hostility on the part of the Mexican government toward the U.S., several organizations have banded together to form the AUHTM Coalition, AMERICANS UNITED TO HALT TOURISM IN MEXICO. The Coalition asks all Americans to boycott Mexico as a tourist destination until the Mexican government changes its aggressive behavior toward the U.S.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Mid-Week Ride



I always wondered what my bike and I looked like from behind

I joined my Sunday riding group for a Wednedsay ride to Alamo Lake. It was another beautiful day here in Southern Arizona. We were treated to beautiful desert scenery, including cacti and wildflowers, and of course, great company. Another little perk living in the southwest - the intoxicating aroma of orange blossoms. The orange trees are in bloom!!

PJ was in usual form today, trying to ride his 775 lb. Harley Road King up the small dirt trail. He didn't make it. His bike bottomed out, it tipped over, then he had help rolling it back down the hill.

He tried it again, without his backseat fender fluff, and made it that time. HE'S CRAZY!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well, maybe. Again. The newest prosoective buyer is working with a lender and its looking pretty good. I haven't started packing yet. Maybe later this week. I'll keep you posted!!

Here's a picture of my latest first choice house. My realtor has to convince the seller that their price is too high. It needs some updating, but nothing serious.

Friday, March 14, 2008


And this was a week ago. It's even worse now. My 6500 mile summer travel itinerary is being reworked. I HAVE to go to South Dakota to renew my Driver's Liense. I WANT to go to the Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Party in Milwaukee.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Perfect Day

Imagine, tank tops and boats in MARCH!! Eat your hearts out cold, northern, snowy states!!

Ah, what a glorious day!! I joined my Sunday Riding group for a ride starting in South Scottsdale, north east up the Beeline Hwy, down to Saguaro Lake, over Usery Pass, then down to Santan Flats for lunch. Santan Flats has been in the news lately for allowing, oh my gosh, of all things, dancing!! Apparently local, nearby residents have an issue with the loud music wafting from the establishment. There really isn't even a dance floor, but the patrons have been known to get up and boogie to the music anyway. There's lots of news articles in the local papers if you want to check them. Just google "Santan Flats dancing."
I can't imagine being anywhere other than Arizona this time of the year. The weather was perfect, the scenery was spectacular, and my fellow riders were the best!
I arrived home just in time to say hello to my realtor as she was loading up the Open House signs from my house. AND GUESS WHAT. SHE THINK WE HAVE A BUYER. An interested lady is meeting with a lender tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Illegal Alien drunk driver is sentenced to 10 1/2 years

Pictures of Americans at the Court House supporting the Miller family.

News crews arrive to cover the story

The Illegal Alien drunk drvier plead guilty to manslaughter. Friday was the sentencing phase of the case, and I was there. The judge was not swayed by the pathetic attempt of her public defender to give her a lenient sentence. BOOHOO! She was brought to this country when she was very young. Her father was abusive. She had two abusive boyfriends, and one day she tried to drown her sorrows in booze. She had a blood alcohol level of .20, more than twice the legal limit to drive in AZ. Then she decided to drive. 21 year old Christopher Miller died that night after the Illegal Alien, called Beth, plowed her car into the car Chris was riding in. The judge gave "Beth" 10 1/2 years, the max allowed by law for her plea bargain. WAHOO!! There was not a dry eye in the court room when Chris' friends and family members gave a hearfelt account of this beloved young man. Chris' father was the last speaker and he brought up the fact that our borders are wide open and if our laws were being enforced his son would still be alive. I sat in the court room with my "Stop Illegal Immigration" T-shirt on. Chris' dad thanked me for being there. The judge mentioned the illegal status also. I think he said if she isn't deported after serving her sentence, then she will have 3 years of probation to serve, and if she is deported after serving her time, but returns to the US LEGALLY, (heaven forbid) she will be required to serve her 3 years probation then. Well, she has 9 1/2 years (she already served 1 year) or what ever she ends up really serving with time off for good behavior, to brush up on her Spanish for her return to her native country which she hasn't lived in since she was a baby. It was mentioned that she was working for her father's business. I'm just guessing here, but I bet her father is in and working in our country illegally.
I feel this was one tiny victory for our side. The Miller family got the best closure they could hope for.
Keep up the fight Patriots!! With one little victory at a time we at least make a statement!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

I installed a doggie door for my two little canine critters. They've used doggie doors all their lives, but they seem to be having a difficult time adjusting to this new one. Partially blind and a bit senile, 16 1/2 year old Oliver is having a difficult time finding the door. And 11 1/2 year old Murphy is having fear issues. The magnet at the bottom of the opening makes a loud clunking noise and Murphy finds it to be be very scarey. Oliver has found his way through the door a few times today. YEAY Ollie!! And a little bit of tape has helped quiet the clunking noise, which is making it a little easier for Murphy.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Hard day of Protesting and Demonstrating

After 2 weeks of flu or cold I finally felt well enough to join some of my fellow American Patriots near the corner of 25Th Street and Bell Rd in Phoenix. We assembled to educate the American public to the illegality of hiring Illegal Aliens at Sal Reza's illegal Illegal Alien Day Labor Site. And we had a Hot Dig Nity Dog BBQ. The BBQ was advertised to begin at 11:00 am. and lo and behold, right at 11:00 the county health dept. arrived to make sure we had a permit to prepare cooked food. Actually, we started cooking and serving around 9:30, so by 11:00 we were pretty much finished eating the illegally prepared Hot Dig Nity Dogs. After much discussion we learned from the county employee that we can purchase a temporary 14 day permit for $75.oo or if each American brings his/her own Hot Dig Nity Dog, cooks his/her own Hot Dig Nity Dog, then eats his/her own Hot Dig Nity Dog, then we don't need a permit. So, that's what we'll do next time!! We are pretty sure Sal Reza called the county to report our illegal activity.

Illegal Aliens gathering at the Illegal Day Labor Site

Sal Reza being rude to one of our Patriots

Southern Gang Bangers change the name of their lovely Apartment complex

Gang Graffiti in the neighborhood

Sal Reza's van of Dig Nity

Illegal Aliens, now preferring to be referred to as "Casual Workers"

Day Labor Site signs

More signs

A picture of one of our favorite signs, and the type of people Sal has supporting him.

After a hard morning of Protesting and Demonstrating, and eating illegally prepared Hot Dig Nity Dogs, we all travelled over to the Rehab Center where our friend and Patriot Eldon is recovering after being hit by a car that was hit by another car driven by an Illegal Alien who of course didn't have a Driver's License, vehicle registration, and of course had another warrant out for him. Elton is doing quite well and will be discharged from the rehab center this coming week.

The following are links to some interesting info about the Southern Sur Gangs breeding in our country. I really like the last one which refers to La Raza as a Southern "Gang." La Raza receives tax payers money to promote their American Hating propaganda