Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Hard day of Protesting and Demonstrating

After 2 weeks of flu or cold I finally felt well enough to join some of my fellow American Patriots near the corner of 25Th Street and Bell Rd in Phoenix. We assembled to educate the American public to the illegality of hiring Illegal Aliens at Sal Reza's illegal Illegal Alien Day Labor Site. And we had a Hot Dig Nity Dog BBQ. The BBQ was advertised to begin at 11:00 am. and lo and behold, right at 11:00 the county health dept. arrived to make sure we had a permit to prepare cooked food. Actually, we started cooking and serving around 9:30, so by 11:00 we were pretty much finished eating the illegally prepared Hot Dig Nity Dogs. After much discussion we learned from the county employee that we can purchase a temporary 14 day permit for $75.oo or if each American brings his/her own Hot Dig Nity Dog, cooks his/her own Hot Dig Nity Dog, then eats his/her own Hot Dig Nity Dog, then we don't need a permit. So, that's what we'll do next time!! We are pretty sure Sal Reza called the county to report our illegal activity.

Illegal Aliens gathering at the Illegal Day Labor Site

Sal Reza being rude to one of our Patriots

Southern Gang Bangers change the name of their lovely Apartment complex

Gang Graffiti in the neighborhood

Sal Reza's van of Dig Nity

Illegal Aliens, now preferring to be referred to as "Casual Workers"

Day Labor Site signs

More signs

A picture of one of our favorite signs, and the type of people Sal has supporting him.

After a hard morning of Protesting and Demonstrating, and eating illegally prepared Hot Dig Nity Dogs, we all travelled over to the Rehab Center where our friend and Patriot Eldon is recovering after being hit by a car that was hit by another car driven by an Illegal Alien who of course didn't have a Driver's License, vehicle registration, and of course had another warrant out for him. Elton is doing quite well and will be discharged from the rehab center this coming week.

The following are links to some interesting info about the Southern Sur Gangs breeding in our country. I really like the last one which refers to La Raza as a Southern "Gang." La Raza receives tax payers money to promote their American Hating propaganda


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Bill said...

I applaud all you folks' efforts to stop the alien invasions. It seems the vast majority of Americans are either ignorant or appathetic to this real threat.

Here's a link to a story of an illegal who caused a bus crash killing 4 kids. This same person is also accused of identity theft.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger sally said...

Thanks Bill!! I've been reading about that bus crash. I seem to sense a connection between millions of Illegal Aliens in our country and thousands of American deaths caused by Illegal Aliens. None of the current Presidential candidates seem to see a connection.


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