Monday, December 17, 2007

Been pretty quiet on the Home Selling Front

While waiting for a home sale and a new home purchase, I've been busy. Last Thursday evening I attended an "Open Town Hall Meeting" the public was invited to, but when a group of Americans requested that the meeting start off with the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, the group of Americans were ordered to leave. I was amongst that group. Read about it below-

I saw the damnedest thing the evening of December 13. I attended an open town hall meeting in Phoenix. It was called by the Hispanic political leadership in the Phoenix community to discuss and address Mayor Gordons reversed stance on Operational Order 1.4.3, the police regulation that forbids Phoenix police from asking the immigration status of suspected criminals. This order is what makes Phoenix a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Mary Rose Wilcox - Supervisor, Dist. 5 - Maricopa County started the meeting out as moderator but didn't say the "Pledge of Allegiance". The few of us Americans that were there shouted "we want to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the USA".

Wilcox refused to do it. Then about 8-9 patriots (Freedom Riders, Minutemen etc) stood up behind me and started to recite the Pledge. Wilcox ordered the patriots to be evicted.

The angry crowed turned around towards us and chanted "throw them out! throw them out!" I was scared to death, and finally understood what it's like to be face-to-face with communists. I'm not joking either -- these people are radical and they hate Americans.

Suddenly goons wearing yellow shirts from the UFCWIU labor union swarmed the patriots who were saying the pledge. The Phoenix Police stood behind the goons with billy clubs ready to swing if someone refused to go. All of the patriots who stood up to say the Pledge were evicted, while Wilcox and the four panel members watched. One by one during the meeting more patriots were evicted. Not a single Latino was evicted, even when they shouted at us that we were KKK, racists, etc. Basically anyone who dissented from their open-border radicalism was evicted.

I stayed for the next 3 hours. It didn't get better! Until the last 15 minutes, not one opposing voice was heard – every single speaker was a radical Hispanic activist, except for the few liberal whites and a whacky Al Sharpton sound-alike. The Al Sharpton guy looked towards us and said all of "those people" that want to stop immigration are Jim Crowes. Well gee, I'm not sure how he knew what we wanted considering none of us were allowed to speak.

The bottom line for these people: they consider being an illegal alien to be a "petty low level misdemeanor", and they thought that immigration status should never be asked, no matter what the crime. Every single speaker accused "those people" of spewing race, hatred, and fear, but that's all I ever heard for three hours. These people are full of venom and hate for non-Hispanics.

The only reason that they allowed two people to speak who oppose 1.4 was because Grant Woods (panel member) made a comment that only one point of view is being heard. Woods may have been embarrassed by the fact that he was participating in such a transparent charade.

There are two videos you can watch, but don't expect them to be very informative. As usual the local media wants to make us look like the nuts. Don't believe it folks, the crazies were the ones who hate the USA, like Mary Rose Wilcox.

by Todd Hartley

This past Saturday I joined over one hundred other American Patriots to show support for Pruitt's Furniture Store which is being protested by the open border anarchists. Pruitt's opposes the practice of Illegal Alien day laborers loitering on their private property parking lot. The open border people believe our borders should be open to every human being in the whole world who wants to come to the United States of America and look for work. My Secure our Borders people believe a nation without borders ISN'T A NATION!!

Minutemen & Supporters:

The alarm went off at 6AM, way too early for a Saturday AM. Especially after an evening of taking cold-flu medicines and turning off the cell phone for once. Quickly trying to get ready and find my favorite Minuteman sweater, running around the house still half knocked out from the meds, now just were did I leave my PBA hat? At that time of day, its just me and the dogs.No time for coffee, warm up the cab of the truck and be off to another protest.

Stopping first at the Day Labor Center in North Phoenix, I found 5 day laborers waiting there; it was about 7:10AM. Inside the Center was a contractor hiring, and had two Day Laborers in the bed of his truck. I stopped my truck as he was pulling out, and I walked over to his cab.

"Did you know its illegal to hire illegal aliens", I asked.
"Uh, no-I thought I just couldn't hire them off the street", he replied.
"No sir, its against Federal Law to hire an illegal alien anywhere in this country", I quickly informed him.
He opened up the door to his truck and walked around to the back, "get out of my truck". They ran back into the center without a word. "Thank you" I said to the man, and we were on our way. He could have as easily gave me the bird and told me where to go and drove away without issue, but it took someone reminding him of the law to make it work.

Arriving at the pre-planned rally location, I found many who had beaten me there. Pineapple 6 already arrived and had started a pow-wow with some of the other Patriots, trying to keep warm. Over the next 15 minutes, more Patriots flowed in, and we chatted about the news that Salvador Reza informed City Hall he would not be meeting with Mayor Gordon until Pruitts now stops hiring off duty officers, and Sheriff Joe stops arresting IAs. We laughed, as we know now that our protests will now go on well into the New Year.

35 Patriots from PBA, RAII, Riders USA and individuals came out to rally, and we arrived at 8AM directly on the Day Labor Center I had been to earlier this AM. As the case for last weekend, it was now closed. Doors locked shut, nobody inside. Normal hiring hours Mon-Sat 5AM-2PM.....they must have known we was a comin! Well thank God for Plan B! We then caravanned down to Hatcher and Cave Creek arriving in time to meet another 50 day laborers, and we stood in protest of them for about an hour. It was quite, as they left as we arrived.

From there we arrived in caravan once more at Pruitts. The days activities had already begun and American Freedom Riders had assembled across from Salvador Rezas goons already chanting "Si Se Peude". There were at least 100 of us, and 100 of them, minimum. We took our urban posts with flags, bullhorns, signs and smiles. Local media was again out for the soundbites, and NBC National and CNN were there to cover the hot story of Pruitt's vs. City of Phoenix. Reza thinks hes smart and changes the times of his protests, originally from 10AM to 2PM, apparently that's too hard to do for free, so they changed it to 9AM-11AM. As 11AM rolled upon us, they retreated from their corner chanting their normal racists anti-American rhetoric as the men and women of the Patriots crowd sang them lullabies, waved our flags and bid them farewell.

Oh but the Patriots and Bikers were not done yet! It was payback time for the rousing we took at the Open Borders Community Meeting from Thursday PM! So, we gathered into our cars and trucks, some even we took another entire block just up the street outside of WalMart at 38th St and Thomas! This is normally where 40-50 IA Day Laborers hang out, as we arrived-the remaining 5-10 took off like they were running from the Tax Man! Taking up 4 corners of that intersection, we stood again for another 2 hours, singing, praising America, and taking the time to thank the PPD that were present.

Michelle from Mother Against Illegal Aliens had her infamous bullhorn out, singing her songs! When along comes a gal that decided she didn't like Michelle. "MEXICO", the woman yelled into Michelle's face. "AMERICA" she cried back into her bullhorn! That's all it took for the woman to shove Michelle twice.....PPD was all over it and hurried the suspect to the parking lot. The crowd cheered in defense of Michelle and for PPD acting so quickly. Michelle filed her complaint, and the woman was arrested and charged with assault.

After speaking with PPD later this afternoon, I learned that the woman arrested was originally going to be cited for simple assault and released. Upon inspection of her personal belongings, PPD found narcotics. Ah, too bad, so sad. So, off to Sheriff Joe's jail. The 19 year old woman was pregnant, and was complaining to the crowd prior to the assault that her husband had just been deported. Legal or illegal, this woman is going to be in a bad spot for some time to come.

Speaking of Joe, his Immigration trained Deputies were not at the protest areas today due to an activity they had to deal with last night, and were busy this AM. MCSO vehicles were present at Pruitt's however. I am confident that his men and women will be back in the area in the coming weeks.

Ive attended over 32 Day Labor & Pruitt's protests in Phoenix & Mesa over the past 2 years. Not once has their ever been an arrest of a protester or counter protester. For those that are fearful of violence and things getting out of hand, I can only tell you that the potential exists. However, no matter how bold each side might get-nobody is out for a fight and nobody wants to go to jail. If that were the case, it would have happened long ago. The arrest today was of a passer-by. DO NOT let the fear of violence deter you from being a Patriot and standing in protest, or support of an action. "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave", does not mean "unless things could get out of hand". If you don't support the protests here, then please don't be brave enough to just 'talk' about it.

Again, special thanks to the PBA Cameraman, (an unpaid but highly recognized position) Wes, and Sally! We also thank the Central Detectives of PPD for all their work and vigilance. Pics available at

Thanks for coming and for your support! PBAs next Border Watch operations will take place Friday January 11th-13th in Three Points Arizona, info to be out shortly. Reserve the dates! Also, please make sure you get information on the PBA National Conference and Board of Directors elections being held in St. Louis MO February 16th! Hope to see y'all there!

Stacey O'Connell

Patriots Border Alliance
Board Member, Vice Chair
Cell 602-705-7947

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life".
-John F. Kennedy


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Donna said...

Sally...You were on CNN today!!
Donna D

At 1:51 PM, Blogger sally said...

I know, I barely recognized me. There were a few shots of my Mom too. Phoenix is really rocking over this Illegal Immigration situation. And we aren't finished yet!!!

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I'm on your side, keep up the good work.


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