Friday, November 30, 2007

Why I Counter Demonstrate
Minutemen back Phoenix store's rebuff of illegals
By Jerry Seper
November 27, 2007
More than 100 minutemen showed up en masse in Phoenix to counter protest a pro-immigration group that sought to shut down a local furniture store for hiring off-duty deputies to keep illegal-alien day laborers off its property — and they have pledged to come back every weekend.
The Patriots' Border Alliance (PBA), backed by members of United for a Sovereign America (USA), set up camp outside M.D. Pruitt's furniture store Saturday and forced the cancellation of the pro-immigration demonstrations, which alliance leaders described as "economic terrorism."
"The local support was overwhelming, plenty of honks and thumbs up," said PBA Board Vice Chairman Stacey O'Connell. "There were plenty of local citizens who came out to ask how they could join the Patriots' Border Alliance. We were happy to help them out."

Below is a picture of the type of people who are demonstrating EVERY SATURDAY at Pruitt's Furniture Store in Phoenix, AZ. These people worship Che Guevara - ( ) and are attempting to take over the United States of America and turn her into something resembling crime ridden Mexico and Communist ridden Cuba and Venezuela. In the mean time they are trying to shut down Pruitt's because the store is opposed to Illegal Alien Day Laborers loittering, trashing, and urinating in their parking lot.


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