Friday, October 05, 2007

Camp Palominas

Since my links aren't working, you'll have to copy and paste the address above. It's the address for the live web camera at Camp Palominas where I'm camped for a month while "OBSERVING AND REPORTING" ILLEGAL ALIEN ENTRANTS ACTIVITY. so far we've had 10 of the Aliens we have spotted apprehended by the US Border Patrol. Every evening 10 to 20 Patriotic Americans sit on post equipped with binoculars, night vision glasses, thermals, noise detection sensors and plain old ears and eyes in an effort to curtail the "INVASION" of people sneaking in and drugs smuggled into our country.


At 8:26 PM, Blogger The Constitutionalist said...

Have you caught or spotted any lately? I spent the weekend up at Pinetop gathering signatures for our ballot initiatives.


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