Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's yellow and there's YELLOW!!!

I decided to have my house painted. The little 2 1/2" by 1 1/2" color sample looked good. The 3' by 3' sample painted on the side of the house looked good.

So the house was prepped for painting.

WHOA!! That mellow little sample grew into a very yellow house, about 10 shades too bright!!

Here's the front of the house. I'm contemplating my options to tone down the bright yellow. I'm open for suggestions. The new security door will be white, as well as the new wood post.

Here I played around on the computer and made the shutters black. It's been suggested that I also paint the front door black, (which it looks in this picture but actually the door is open and the doggies are looking at you) with a white security door. I'm not sold on that idea. The front door is painted white now. I've thought of painting the area around the front door a lighter, more mellow shade of yellow. Maybe I'll post this on HGTV's Rate my Space web site and see what happens.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Amazing deals on Craig's List

I found the perfect size window on Craig's List for my front bedroom. It was about 1/4 the cost of a new one, less the cost of a screen). I had it installed and presto, instantly improved curb appeal.

Then I installed one of the perfect condition Faux Wood blinds I found on Craig's List (for about 1/4 the cost of new) in the front bedroom, further enhancing the looks of the window. The other perfect condition Faux Wood blind was installed in the back bedroom. Unfortunately the blinds were a tiny bit skimpy, so I had to line the window casings with MDF moulding so the blinds would fit better. The front blinds now fits perfectly, with not even a smidgen of room to spare.

Here's the back bedroom with the new blinds installed. This window took a bit more tweaking for the blinds to fit. I still have some caulking and painting to do, but it's nice to have blinds on my bedroom window.

And here's my brand new back door I found on Craig's List for about half the price of a brand new one. The window doesn't open, but the dual pane window has the little mini blinds built right in between the two panes. It's so cool. The door came with a tiny doggy door, but I had my old, medium size doggy door installed. New knob and dead bolt complete the door. Oh, and the painting of the frame around the door still has to be done, by me, soon.

And what's that lying on the floor? It's 600 square feet of commercial grade wood-plank-looking vinyl flooring I found on Craig's List for about 1/5 of retail price. It was originally destined to be installed in a Wal-Mart but someone decided to use something different. I'll probably wait until the fall to have it installed. I have to remove the tile in my bathroom and kitchen, and some of my old carpet first. It will be a fun project to look forward to during my summer travels.

Here's a few of the planks laid out in the entry area. It's going to look sooooooo good.

Finding all these good deals on Craig's List, as well as my friend Barbara, inspired me to list some of my unneeded stuff. I sold the doggy door panel for the patio door and the old vertical blinds from my back bedroom. And I sold my old Harley oil tank and battery covers. I received a money order from a guy in Massachusetts, and I sent the covers off to him. He paints pictures on them, and then sells them, I guess. He said he'd send me a picture of mine after they are painted. I've had a few inquiries about the old sliding glass door I have listed, but no sale yet. I have a few other things listed too. Hopefully they will all find a new home soon.

Now that the temps in the Phoenix area are up around 100 degrees, I tuned on my air conditioner and found nothing but warm air blowing out. I called my Home Protection Service and they are sending someone out tomorrow afternoon. I hope I don't melt before then!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is so important I just have to post it!!

This article was in the Canada Free Press a few days ago.

Americans Largely Silent as Their Nation is Systematically Destroyed

By JB Williams

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
After trillions in taxpayer debt has been foolishly poured into the bottomless black hole of leftist wealth redistribution programs, under the guise of economic “stimulus” or “stabilization” legislation, the new “ONE World” government running Washington DC announces; Geithner, Bernanke Call for New Wind-Down Powers After AIG… and the people still sit silent as they watch Obamanation grow in unbridled power.
Geithner Asks Congress for even Broader Power to Seize private Firms as the average American stumbles through their daily routine as if nothing is happening. Canada Free Press managing editor Judi McLeod writes No cheerleader for propping up greenback at G20 summit asking, “Is the table being set for One World Government rather than speeding the recovery of the worldwide recession at next week’s G20 London summit?”
Obamanation has taken the nation from a trillion in debt to over $4 trillion in debt in the first sixty days, with even more federal spending promised, which could put the nation $10 trillion in debt before the 2010 mid-term election cycle. Amnesty for illegals and ACORN led redistricting will make 2010 and beyond a moot point. Still, beyond the movement to mail tea bags to members of congress or file another legal demand for proof of Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the office he holds, both of which are like whistling in the breeze, the people remain largely silent.
Threatened with a Soup Line Existence, the American people would never trade personal freedom for the false promise of federally redistributed free-stuff under some ill-fated socialist experiment, unless they were first threatened with a soup line existence.

And so it shall be…
50% of their life savings and 30% of their home values have already evaporated into thin air. National unemployment is driving towards double digits as home foreclosures continue to mount. With their backs against the wall, confused by a daily diet of media manipulated headlines aimed at scaring the public into submission, convinced that our nation’s complex woes demand a solution far too complicated for the average peasant to comprehend, the people find themselves in a state of terminal paralysis.

Incompetent Evil in Charge
The same people responsible for the many disasters now surrounding every American household, were elected in 2006 and 2008 to fix what they broke. Instead of reversing course and placing their faith in the principles of freedom, they are installing more of the same failed entitlement policies that created the problem and they are doing so at a fever pace.

The folks currently in charge of the nation don’t like anything at all about the nation.
At the foundation of personal freedom is the right to make your own decisions, invest and risk your own capital, own your own property and keep that which you are willing to work and sacrifice to earn. It’s called economic freedom, aka capitalism. But capitalism is public enemy #1 in America today, thanks to decades of class warfare and the art of division via social envy, all for purpose of political gain.
Life, Liberty and the right to individually define and pursue Happiness has been replaced with the right of some to take from others against their will, in the name of a greater common good, better defined as the entitlement mentality.

The Change Agents New World Dictionary
Old concepts have been redefined. Capitalism is now referred to as Fascism. Personal ambition is now called greed. Those who seek access to other people’s rightful earnings are called charitable, and those who demand a right to only that, which they earn, are called greedy.
It isn’t just the words that have new definitions. The concepts have new meaning as a result. Words like socialism and communism no longer have a negative connotation attached to them. Most Americans have no idea what they are anymore, or why they don’t want to find out the hard way.
The concept of liberal interpretations limits the meaning of words only to one’s individual imagination. The Constitution means only what someone imagines it to mean. If the shoe doesn’t quite fit, a new definition will solve the problem.

What are Americans Waiting For? I don’t know what it will take to wake up the average American, but whatever it is, it hasn’t happened yet…
The people currently stocking up on food, water, guns and ammo in record numbers, causing shortages in all the above at the retail level, are clearly awake and anticipating something, but what? Meet the “extremists...”
The people still trying to get a court somewhere in America to hear the arguments concerning the most secretive corrupt president in US history, have been awake for a long time. Meet the “birthers...” But they continue to have trouble waking anyone else up, including in the so-called halls of justice.
Is it a bankrupt dollar and a new international currency that will get their attention? – A North American Union? - An ACORN army on their doorstep? What will be the final straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back? I don’t have the answer… Frankly, I expected the people to revolt long before now. Clearly, I had underestimated the depth of apathy and tolerance for anti-American nonsense in the average modern American. But then, so did our nation’s founders, whom I’m certain are rolling over in their graves in disgust by now.

The Silent Consent Continues
Nobody knows for how long or at what expense, but so far, the people remain silent and Washington continues to profitably interpret that silence as broad-based consent. At this late date, I have no idea what will wake up the average American or how they might react once finally awake and ready to engage in self-governance.

However, I am sure about two things…
When they finally do awake, they are going to be really angry… And, the anti-American left won’t let up until then…
The clock isn’t just ticking. Time has already run out as of the 2008 election. Washington DC is currently dismantling America, individual right by individual right, in an unprecedented massive multi-faceted assault on all things American. If you are not familiar with the Democratic Socialists of America or their legislative branch, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, I strongly suggest that you take time to learn them well. They are in charge of your nation. This is who the average American is up against and they are a very well funded and organized enemy of the state.
You will not be able to take your country back without putting these two organizations out of business. The longer you wait, the tougher the battle, the higher the price. Clearly, the organizational skills of the average American are equal only to that of the stumbling bumbling Republican Party. Fragmented, distracted and disorganized, the people are no match for the leftist juggernaut running roughshod in DC. The people are lost, so they are losing… The most complex problems require the simplest of solutions. But the average American is so baffled by a daily diet of elitist B.S., that they cannot even see daylight… – When all else fails, return to the basics!

Here’s to the average American waking up in time! - Good luck!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday

I went on a snowmobile ride, I mean a motorcycle ride, on Easter Sunday with two friends, Shawn and Phil. We rode north on I-17 to Camp Verde where we then took Hwy 260 east up into the mountains. We then took a little detour on Hwy 87 northeast to Long Valley where we stopped at the Long Valley Cafe for a scrumptious breakfast of Easter Blue Berry Bunny Pancakes with eggs and bacon prepared by Phil the cook and served by Harley the waitress. While waiting for our meals we enjoyed the fire burning in the wood stove as we were all suffering from frozen toes and fingers. We had passed an elevation sign that told us we were at 7500' above sea level. The previous day the area saw quite a bit of snow, and most of it was still on the ground the next day. After breakfast we back tracked a little, south to Pine, Strawberry and then on to Payson. The original plan was to take Hwy 188 down to Roosevelt Lake, then to Globe, then Superior before returning to the east Phoenix Valley. But instead we opted to take Hwy 87 back to the Valley, cutting about 100 miles off our ride. Murphy and Annie were glad to see me home early.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's good to have friends

My friends Barb and Ron came by to see my new house. They brought a 14 pound sledge hammer with them.

Here's Ron swinging the hammer, demolishing the dreaded fountain.

More destruction.

Almost done.

Now I have one pile of rocks (in the middle of the picture) and one pile of cement chunks (on the right). Now what to do with the chunks of cement?????

You've heard of Long Stem Roses. Well, this one stem on the left is over 6 feet tall and still growing. The rose in the middle is a very rare one.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lucky gets a new garage

Lucky, my Harley, has her own entrance to her own garage. I didn't take a picture of the old doors, but here's some pictures of the new doors. I contemplated installing a regular garage door with an automatic opener, but decided on the more secure solid, steel covered french doors.

The new doors from the inside of the "garage."

From the outside of the "garage."

Lucky waits for the doors to open.

Home, Sweet, Home!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

More completed projects

I removed the old ugly range hood and the cabinet doors.

Butch had to reconfigured and raise the above-the-stove cabinet, or the bottom of the new microwave would have been a scant 13 inches above the stove top.
Here the back plate is ready for the microwave oven.

Butch finishes a few touches inside the "new" cabinet.

Now I can pop popcorn with the push of one button, after I attach the "new" cabinet door and paint all the cabinets, again.
I found the "new" microwave on Craig's List.

Annie's looking for a snack.

The old sliding glass door served it's purpose for 45 years. It's time for a new one.

Here's the new one. I have since removed the doggie door panel.

My friend Chad helped me install a new doogie door in the door leading from the kitchen to the laundry room. Murphy and Annie keep looking for the old doogie door.

The gazebo has a new canopy. Mom spent days altering the old 6 panel canopy into a five panel canopy. The heavy winds we had the last few days failed to alter the gazebo into a pile of rubble.

The gazebo now houses the old bistro set.