Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enjoying the Portland, OR area

I spent several days parked at the Milwaukie, OR Elks lodge. While there I found a beautiful beach, a fabulous hot spring, and went on a scenic motorcycle ride.

The Elks Lodge was conveniently located, but the huge trees to to west of me blocked the solar charging of the sun starting around 3:30 in the afternoon - not too good when relying on battery power!! But discovering that I was parked next door to a fellow WIN member and old friend, Joe Gonthier, and a few feet away from a bountiful black berry patch, my stay at the Milwaukie, OR Elks Lodge was very enjoyable.

A view from Hwy. 224 on the way to Bagby Hotsprings


3 hollowed out cedar logs and one 6 foot round

cedar hot tub welcome soakers.

A small cabin cruiser, "7 Day Weekend", anchors

off Collins Beach on Sauvie Island
A warm sandy beach on Sauvie Isand along the

beautiful Columbia River.

My bike is ready for a 110 mile ride with the

Lotus Harley-Davidson Shop on their

annual Summer Fun Run.

The beautiful Cooper Spur Ski area , location

of the BBQ

A few hundred of my Biker Friends enjoy the

sunshine and BBQ after a long, scenic ride.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Terwilliger Hot Springs

Turn Right!!!

A view of the
Willamette River
from my trailer in
Eugene, OR

Cougar Reservior

I took a drive to Terwilliger Hot Springs,

Two great soaking tubs

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sculptures hit the river

Looking for a missing part

Monday, July 23, 2007

da Vinci Days pix

The PieRat easily made it
through the Mud Bog

PieRat pie fight

The Vikingship easily
moves through the Mud Bog

The Majic Bus moves
slowly, but eventually
made it though.

The Winch Worm didn't
do very well in the Mud Bog
or the Sand Hill

The Vikings
to the rescue.

The "Wok on the Wild Side"
didn't do well either.

Ah, Vikings (and PieRats)
to the resue, again.

The "Big Bounce" doesn't

bounce well in the Mud Bog.

More pix from Corvallis, OR

While parked on a city
street in Corvallis, my friend
Randy and I had a neighbor
who spends his nights sleeping
in the tree grove on the right
and hides his worldly possessions
during the day in the shrubs
on the left.

The tree grove

The shrubs, and Murphy

This rig and it's occupant
spent the night across the
street from us one night.

Trains passed 40
feet behind my trailer.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Races and Revery

The Majic Bus

The PieRat

Easy Does It

The Deliverance Truck