Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enjoying the Portland, OR area

I spent several days parked at the Milwaukie, OR Elks lodge. While there I found a beautiful beach, a fabulous hot spring, and went on a scenic motorcycle ride.

The Elks Lodge was conveniently located, but the huge trees to to west of me blocked the solar charging of the sun starting around 3:30 in the afternoon - not too good when relying on battery power!! But discovering that I was parked next door to a fellow WIN member and old friend, Joe Gonthier, and a few feet away from a bountiful black berry patch, my stay at the Milwaukie, OR Elks Lodge was very enjoyable.

A view from Hwy. 224 on the way to Bagby Hotsprings


3 hollowed out cedar logs and one 6 foot round

cedar hot tub welcome soakers.

A small cabin cruiser, "7 Day Weekend", anchors

off Collins Beach on Sauvie Island
A warm sandy beach on Sauvie Isand along the

beautiful Columbia River.

My bike is ready for a 110 mile ride with the

Lotus Harley-Davidson Shop on their

annual Summer Fun Run.

The beautiful Cooper Spur Ski area , location

of the BBQ

A few hundred of my Biker Friends enjoy the

sunshine and BBQ after a long, scenic ride.


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