Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rainy Salem, OR

The view from my parking spot at Wal-Mart

After a slight mishap on my motorcycle I made an appointment at the Salem Harley-Davidson shop for a brake lever replacement and throttle adjustment. I'm convinced the mishap didn't cause the throttle problem, but rather the throttle problem caused the mishap. What ever the cause, I got to the top of the ramp on my Toy Hauler and the next thing I remember the bike was rolling backwards down the ramp, then the bike and I went down. OUCH!! My bruises are healing and the throttle has been adjusted (at no charge to me) but the brake lever remains (the end 1 1/2" of knob broke off, but is still functional) broken. I'll get it replaced one of these days when I can find a shop that has a replacement lever in stock.

The weather has been rainy off and on for the last 4 days. :-(

I paid for three nights of RV parking at the Salem Elks Lodge, but due to the intolerable weedy conditions in the dry camping area, and the rude behavior of the camp host, I choose to spend two of those nights in the parking lot of the nearby Wal-Mart. There seems to be quite a subculture of car and van dwellers who disappear during the day, but return to Wal-Mart at night. This in spite of a posted sign "No Overnight Parking," which doesn't seem to be enforced. The same dozen or so people were there both nights I was there. My friend Randy would be in Codger Heaven getting the stories of all these stealth people.

I'm presently hanging out in a Costco parking lot waiting for the store to open. I need to do some shopping and some grazing!!!!

Later this afternoon I'll be hanging out on an I-5 overpass with other American Patriots greeting the rush hour commuters with signs asking them to vote for a true American in the 2008 Presidential election - Ron Paul. My first choice is Tom Tancredo, but I need a Patriot/Activist fix and this fits the bill today. Check back for pictures.


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