Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bakersfield and beyond

I had a nice visit with my grandson Zac on June 23rd, then I had an interesting experience on June 24th. After breakfast with an old work friend, Linda, we went to the Compassionate Christian Church in downtown Bakersfield. The guest speaker that day was Rev. Al Sharpton. I won't go into my opinions of Mr. Sharpton here, but, I will say he gave a roaring, rousing sermon on being good people all the time, not just when you are sitting in the church pew. And he lectured on picking yourself up if you are knocked down. He was really very entertaining and the whole congregation seemed to enjoy his boisterous sermon.

I then continued my trek northward, spending a few days with my RV club in the scenic, old gold rush town of Jamestown, CA. I went on a few motorcycle rides, one up Hwy. 4 almost to the top of Ebbetts Pass. The other on Hwy. 108 up to the top of the Sonora pass. It was nice hitting those 6,000 summits escaping the heat of the valley.

Then I accompanied my RV club up to Folsom, CA. I choose to take Hwy. 49 all the way. It was a bit windy and narrow, but doable. While in Folsom a group of us went to the Folsom Prison Museum. Ah, that brought back a lot of memories. And one day I again rumbled on my Harley out on my own. I first rode past two of the three houses I owned while living in the Sacramento area. Then I had breakfast at my favorite Sacramento breakfast restaurant, the Fox and Goose. I then rode out past Woodland, through the Capay Valley to the tiny town of Rumsey, where I turned around and rode back to our camping spot in Folsom.

The portion of my travels that took me from Northern California to Oregon was a bit too eventful for my taste. I'll be posting about that soon.


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