Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking my cause to the streets of Denver

After a phone call early Tuesday morning, I was committed to finding my way to downtown Denver to assist like-minded Americans in passing out fliers on the destruction of uncontrolled immigration, legal and illegal, to our American quality of life.
I drove to a park-and-ride location where I parked my truck and hopped on an express rapid transit bus to downtown. I met up with my cohorts, and proceeded to annoy a few resistant-to-change curmudgeons. One guy took our flyer, crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. A nice lady offered to take it to her office and put it in the paper recycle bin. I tried to appeal to the "we believe in change" supporters. Not too many of them seem to be interested in the positive change of controlling our out of control over population problem. But some were. And I mentioned to the people on the VERY CROWDED SIDEWALK that with 100 million more people added to our country in the the next 20-30 years, our sidewalks will become even more crowded. I mentioned that if we UNITED together we can have HOPE of CHANGING the crisis facing our country. I'm convinced that the people in Denver for the convention aren't really interest in positive change.
I was pretty busy, but I did manage to get a few pictures of some of the really crazy stuff going on downtown. I'm going back Wednesday and Thursday. I'll try to get more pictures. And I'll try to sit down once in awhile to rest and maybe even eat lunch. And now I have it down pat on how to work the bus system. It only cost me $4.25 to ride the bus round trip. Some of my cohorts paid $10.00 just to park for 7 hours downtown.
A few solutions on how to solve our overpopulation problem were brought to my attention.
We can drink cow blood for our protein and water needs.
We can have more potlucks, because, have you ever noticed,
that when ever you have a pot luck, there's always more than enough food for everyone.
One lady told me she can't be concerned about overpopulation because she has 4 kids. I told her that was OK and tried to convince her that it's not too late to preserve our quality of life for her children and grandchildren.
One guy said anyone concerned about overpopulation graduated fourth grade only because they out grew the chairs.
Yep, I can't wait to go back tomorrow!!!

A crowd rushes to see the protesters.

The bus staging to load the arrestees, then take them to the "Gitmo on the Platte"

A few dozen pro-lifers were arrested

I think these guys were protesting the war

This guy was selling his original art of Hillary

My partner Frosty Wooldridge poses with the artist


At 8:13 PM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

Sounds like you're having quite a time. Be careful and don't get arrested.

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Sarah Shew said...

It's an exciting time to be in Denver. I'm proud of you - your passion to inform and influence is impressive and inspiring. All the same, take care - not everyone is reasonable or thoughtful, and bad people can do bad things. So know when to walk away, yes?

At 5:08 PM, Blogger sally said...

I survived my three days in the trenches, safely, physically. But mentally, I'm exhausted from trying to understand how adult Americans can worship a another human like I saw the last three days. It's scary!!


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