Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bullfrogs, dogs and cats

I arrived at Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell about 4 days early for my Pet Sitting job. I was interviewed and was selected to take care of 8 dogs and 3 cats while 36 RV friends spend a week on 3 houseboats. That's 12 people on each boat. I like my arrangement better - me and 11 furry friends.
We had 4 days of very sunny, calm and HOT weather. Everyone was a bit concerned about which windows, shades and vents to leave opened or closed, and if fans should be left on or off in their RVs for their pets. Well, on the 4Th day the wind came up and blew for over a day. The Houseboaters where supposed to set sail on Wednesday after being briefed on the houseboat and the powerboat, but no one was allowed to leave the marina due to the high winds and rough seas (or lake in this case). So, their departure was delayed until Thursday morning. The winds also brought the end of summer. Thursday the early morning temperature was 26 degrees cooler than the morning before. BRRRRRRRR!!

I'm not sure this is actually one of their houseboats, but they would have looked like this anyway. I later saw 3 houseboats cruise by pretty close together and figured that was probably really them, but I didn't get a picture.

Speaking of pictures, I lost my camera almost a week ago, but my friend Diana lent me a camera to use. When I remember to remove the lens cap I'm able to take OK pictures. If they aren't good, it's not the camera's fault!
The delay in the Houseboaters departure gave me an extra day to become familiar with most of the pets and figure out my routine. Walking 8 dogs after dark, and walking and feeding 8 dogs and feeding 3 cats in the morning takes a bit of organization. I'm trying to figure out which dogs I can walk together so some don't have to wait too long in the morning for that first, very important walk. And now that the weather has cooled, I'll have to rethink some of the windows and vents.
Oh, and the keys. Keeping them all labeled and learning the quirkiness of some of the doors can be challenging. And entering the dark RVs the first night brought a new challenge. I envisioned switching a switch and suddenly finding I activated the slide out. I finally went back to my trailer and got a flashlight.
I hope to take and post pictures of all the temporarily orphaned babies. I just hope I can bring a little love and comfort to them during this trying time. Actually, most seem to be adjusting very well.


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