Friday, August 14, 2009

Eagle Nest

I'm a little behind in posting this entry, so this was written two weeks ago. I left Show Low on July 27th and headed to New Mexico to meet up with the WIN RV Club/Escapees Boondockers Sundowner tour of the New Mexico State Parks.

On Tuedsday morning, July 28th I left the Isleta Casino (just south of Albuequeruqe) I headed to Petsmart for some dog food. I took Annie inside with me for her first experience in a store. She didn't like walking on the slippery floor next to the shopping cart so I put her inside the cart, on top of the 30 pound bag of food. She didn't like riding inside the cart any more than walking next to it. She was glad to get out of there!! Then I hit Costco while the dogues stayed in the trailer. When I finished up my grazing and shopping it was around 12:30 and 92 degrees. I started heading north up Highway 25 toward Santa Fe. as huge black clouds loomed up ahead. I was looking forward to a good rain storm. Somewhere in Santa Fe amidst grueling traffic the rain started and the temp dropped 29 degrees, down to 63 degrees. It didn't last long, but did stay around 66 for quite awhile. Then before I knew it, it was back up to 90 or so. And somewhere between Santa Fe and Taos my digital temperature and fuel mileage readout stopped working. I'm sure going to miss it. =( I was going to stop for the night somewhere before hitting the long, steep, winding road up to Eagle Nest, but as long as I was driving I had the comfort of the truck air conditioner. So, I kept going and didn't stop until I pulled into the Eagle Nest Lake State Park Campground. I filled up my water tank, then parked, all in time for Happy Hour. There's 10 or so members of various RV clubs here, most of whom I know.

The weather is cool and pleasant and the scenery is gorgeous!!!!

I took this picture along Hwy 68 between Santa Fe and Taos.

If you don't like the looks of the clouds, wait 10 minutes and they will change.

This big red wagon toured the campground.


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Ted and Mary Ellen said...

Glad you're posting again. I've missed you!

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Diana said...

What a gorgeous place! Someday I'll have to visit.


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