Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in Sun City

After 5 successful shifts at the border, Sunday I left Bisbee and returned to my little house in Sun City, AZ. It's always an interesting experience returning home after being gone for a length of time. Aside from all the work of unloading everything from the trailer and truck bed, I spend lots of time doing tons of laundry, and trying to decide what goes in the trailer and what stays in the condo. It's fun getting reacquainted with my condo and breaking certain habits particular to trailer living, but not necessary in house living.

Monday I had a dentist appointment for my 6 month cleaning, and this time my dentist informed me that the little bit of trouble I've been having with one upper molar(tooth number 14)requires a root canal. Not wanting to delay such a fun activity, I immediately made an appointment with an Endodontist and yesterday I had a root canal. The particular affected tooth had FOUR CANALS!! Anesthesia does wonders, but having to open my mouth wide for 45 minutes was very painful. And being reclined so much I felt like I was upside down mading it difficult to breath and swallow. YUCK!!! But I survived. :-) I filled my antibiotic prescription, but decided to pass on the pain meds, opting for Advil instead. So far the pain has been very minimal, or maybe I'm just really tough!!

I have a few more loads of stuff yet to unload, then I'll take my trailer to storage and wash my truck. Tonight I have a USA meeting to attend.


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Oooo, poor baby. Root canals are no fun. Hope you feel better fast.


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