Thursday, October 02, 2008


Wednesday morning I filled up my water tank at the Elk's Lodge, then headed over to the Balloon Fiesta RV parking area. I checked in, paid another $15 for one more day, then followed Ken to my parking spot. I was hoping for an end spot so I wouldn't feel boxed in, feeling like I'm in a prison cell. My trailer has windows on both sides, but no windows on the front or the back. So, Ken gave me the last spot assigned to the WINs. However, there seemed to be 6 more spots beyond me on the right side. I leveled, almost, then unhitched. While unhitching I noticed that I was missing a pin that holds one of my sway control bars on, and also, a pin that holds on one of my weight distribution bars. In 3 1/2 years I have never failed to insert one of these pins. The bars are pretty much designed not to attach properly without inserting the pins. And the pins are designed so as not to just fall off. I'm convinced someone removed my pins. The only time, while parked at the Rio Rancho Elk's Lodge, I left my rig unattended was while I was off on my motorcycle for about two hours checking out the neighborhood. I don't know if the pins disappeared at that time, or sometime during one of the two nights I spent there. Well, now I have something to go back to Camping World for. So, I got parked, leveled, unhitched, and all set up. Then I enjoyed watching all the incoming RVs being parked. I took some pictures showing the few and far between RVs, to compare how things will be looking in a few days. At the height of the Balloon Fiesta 3,000 RVs will be crammed into parking areas. As I write this, I am still enjoying my view of the Sandia Peak to the east, on my right. It's only wishful thinking that my view will remain intact. A fellow WIN moved in next to me on the left.

Follow the signs to the check-in site.

The helpful greeters and parkers.

Ticket booth for the Balloon Fiesta tickets.

My little rig, all alone, but not for long!!!

The view from my door on the first day.

The view from my left side window on the first day.

Some rigs are already crammed in.

One of the water trucks that keep the roads watered and the dust down, sort of. The trucks on the right were parked there all night long with their reefers running. It made me feel like I was parked at a truck stop!!

It's still pretty roomy.

Here's the High Rent Disrict, complete with electric and water!!


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

I'm with you on feeling boxed in. I hope they're not TOO close. Scary about the hitch.


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