Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday in Albuquerque

Monday morning I got up, after realizing I didn't change my bedroom clock, at 7:30. I was thinking it was 6:30!!

Around 9:00 I headed off to the local Flying J truck stop to fill up my truck. Monday's price was $3.82/gal which seemed to be the cheapest in town. Then I headed east on HWY 40, exited at Coors Blvd in search of Costco. According to the Costco website map, it looked like the Costco I was looking for was a few blocks north of HWY 40. Turns out it was about 8 miles north of HWY 40. I finally found it after stopping to consult my computer. I didn't buy too much, but after adding my annual fee, it cost a lot!! The grazing wasn't too bad. I liked the pot roast and mashed potatoes the best. There's a poem that says it's OK to go back 10 times to each station, but I only went back twice to my favorites. Then I headed off to find a Wal-Mart. I finally found that too. They didn't have the blank key I needed copied, but they did have the First-Up Canopy I've been looking for. I didn't buy it, but they had 4 on the shelf, so I'll go back later this week. I rejected that Wal-Mart parking lot for an over-night spot, then went in search of another Wal-Mart. That one didn't seem to exist, so I continued on to the Rio Rancho Elks Lodge. I found it, paid my $20.00 for two nights of parking-lot-camping, then poured myself a beer!! Oh, I found the diaper that SUV from Camping World dropped off it's rear bumper - it was in the Elk's parking lot, right next to where I parked my rig. Well, it's probably not the same diaper, but it could be from the same people!!!


At 4:01 PM, Blogger Diana said...

Glad you ended up at the Elks. It's a nice place.

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