Friday, June 20, 2008

Yellowstone Part Deux

On my second full day in Yellowstone I rode around the lower loop road. My first stop was in the Mammoth Hot Springs Village hoping to see all the Elk I had seen the day before. I didn't take pictures the first day so I planned to take pictures the second day. Well, there wasn't an Elk in sight on the second day. So, I headed south towards Old Faithful.

This is a picture of the Mammoth Hot Springs Village.

The following four pictures were taken at the Upper and Lower Terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs


The two following pictures were taken somewhere along the road.


The following is a picture of "Roaring Mountain"


The above picture was taken two miles north of the "Museum of the National Park Ranger." As I was getting back onto my bike after taking the picture, I realized the family in the car parked in front of me had just discovered their only car key was locked inside their rental car. The father spoke a little English. I think they were from India. The father was sure I had tools on my bike that would unlock his door. I gave him a screw driver then headed towards the nearest Park Ranger. Another American was on the scene also and he reached the nearest ranger just ahead of me. When I passed the scene of the crime heading the other direction, about three hours later, the family and rental car where gone. I guess they got their door unlocked and got on their way.

All the rivers were at full capacity making all the falls quite spectacular!!

She's spouting faithfully about every 90 minutes these days. I arrived about 15 minutes after a spouting. I had some lunch, than sat and waited for about half an hour for her next show.

After Old Faithful I headed east toward West Thumb and the beautiful Yellowstone Lake. I was hoping to get one more picture for my photo scavenger hunt - two people and their bikes, with me and Piggy Pirate of course, in front of a lake. All the bikes I saw and all the beautiful pullouts next to the lake, I never found the right opportunity. Well, maybe tomorrow. But I did get a great picture of the lake!!


One more beautiful water fall

The view from my RV spot in the Mammoth Hot Springs Campground, looking north to beautiful Montana

My trailer



At 9:48 PM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

Once again, great pictures - almost make me feel like I'm there. Funny story about the family being locked out (although not to them, I guess.) Why would they think you had tools to break in?

At 8:51 AM, Blogger onthemove said...

Makes me want to get back to the Rocky's fast. Too flat out here in Iowa.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger sally said...

We miss you out here, Donna!!


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