Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cops and Moose and Trains, Oh My!!

Things are still cold and noisy in Green River, WY. Ear plugs are helping cut down the noise of the trains passing 50 feet away from my bedroom at night. Now if only there was an easy fix for the weather.

Yesterday afternoon 14 of us were sitting in a “Circle” in the huge, double slide, tiled floor motor home of Sherry. We spent an hour discussing where we were going to head to next. We had decided to leave Green River on Monday and a Recon team would go scouting the next morning to find a suitable free, or at least cheap, location for 14 rigs to park. We were just about to end our meeting when a local law enforcement officer pulled up next to Sherry’s rig. A few WINs went out to talk to her. A few moments later a second vehicle pulled up, one large enough to haul all of us off to the pokey. After several moments of discussion with the officers one WIN member informed the rest of us we have 10 minutes to get to City Hall to get a permit to park in the city lot. The lot has signs that say “parking for over sized vehicles“, and “5 day parking limit, or vehicle will be towed at owners expense.” We only THOUGHT it meant we could park there for 5 days!!! Well, 4 WINs headed off to City Hall while the rest of us discussed where we would head that night if we were told to vacate the lot NOW!! About 20 minutes later the team of 4 returned and informed the rest of us we were welcome to stay until Monday. Apparently the City Manager had to call the Mayor to find out that he had the power to make a discretionary decision. The City Manger agreed to let us stay. :-) It is rumored that a local RV Park complained about us parking free in the city lot instead of spending $25-$35 per night per RV in a park.

Then, the majority of us headed over to the Krazy Moose restaurant for a yummy dinner. I shared a bottle of wine with Chad while we talked and reminisced about the years we both spent living in Tahoe City, (at different times) and about the people we both new. Chad went to school with Rex Donaldson, my first boss when I first moved to Tahoe City in 1971. Rex Donaldson was the owner of Donaldson’s Coffee Shop where I started my on again off again career as a waitress.

We will be having another “Circle” in about 2 hours to learn what the Recon Team discovered, and decide on the next location of our Wyoming Circuit. I hope the weather will be warmer. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Tomorrow we are going on field trip to the Wild Horse Loop to view, hopefully, wild horses.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

Cold! I am so hot, I'm melting! I flew from Chicago (where it was hot) to Harrisburg (where it is hotter) to visit my father. It's going to be in the 90s the whole time I'm here and humid, humid, humid. Well, enough about that. I'm glad you all didn't get evicted. Say 'hi' to all.

At 7:30 AM, Blogger sally said...

My temp gauge registered 35 degrees last night, but it was probably colder than that because the sensor is protected from the elements. BRRRRRR!!!!

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Diana said...

Come on over to east of the Mississippi! The low last night was 70.

At 8:38 AM, Blogger sally said...

And the humidity was 80%, 90%????
No thanks!! It' will warm up in another month or two. :-)


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