Friday, May 30, 2008

Lots of Misc.

Today started out as the nicest day so far, weather wise, that is. I trailered my bike to the local Harley shop for her 15,000 mile service, and a few other things. One of the other things included installing the connection wiring for the new heated riding gear I recently purchased. Then I headed to a laundromat to wash my bedding. Oliver had an accident in bed a few nights ago, so now all the evidence is washed away. I'm hoping Oliver's little mishap isn't a sign of many unpleasant things to come. Just in case, I bought him his own little bed and will keep it lined with puppy piddle pads. Hopefully no more mishaps, but just in case, hopefully we will have it covered, so to speak. Then since the weather was so nice, I washed my truck. He's looking good!! Then I perused the local Home Depot, just for fun. While in the do-it-yourself flooring section I received a call from my RV friend Shirley. Several of us have spent 5 nights at the Rock Springs Wal-Mart and are definitely feeling it's time to move! Somewhere!! Anywhere!! We've been waiting for some other WINs to arrive, one of which, Andy, is hosting the upcoming WIN gathering. We have been going out on recon missions in search of a good boondocking spot for camping, kayaking and 4-wheeling. We found the spot we thought our gathering host had his eye on, but we weren't too thrilled with it because of difficult dirt roads and lack of phone and Internet service. Well, Shirley called to informed me she and Warrren met up with Andy and they ARE going to park in the dirt/non-phone service area after all. In the meantime, the weather turned quite cold, windy and stormy looking, especially to the south, where the camping spot is located. So, here I am in the Home Depot parking lot, waiting for the Harley shop to call me. After I pick up my bike I'll have to make a decision about staying in Rock Springs a little longer or take my chances with the wind and drive south, and then take my chances with the dirt roads, and then suffer withdrawals from lack of phone and especially Internet connection. Oh dear!!
Earlier today, after washing the truck, I bellied up to another fuel pump and filled my tank. Today the going rate, at this particular station, was $4.629/gallon of diesel, which was more than the sign out front said. I took on 10 gallons and it cost, of course, $46.30. I averaged 13 MPG my last 10 gallons. Not bad mileage for lugging a house up a few big mountains the other day!!
So, if you don't hear from me for awhile, I'm boondocking near Buckboard Marina, on the west side of Flaming Gorge.

PS The wind just picked up even more, so I'm staying put for tonight!!! Maybe I'll venture south tomorrow.


At 11:14 PM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

I remember that mud road you and I took around Flaming Gorge. Yikes! But it's always something - now I'm worried about tornadoes.


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