Wednesday, May 21, 2008


After I arrived back at the rest stop and trailer after my ride to Capitol Reef on Tuesday, I hung out until 6PM, waiting for it too cool down a bit, since I was planning on traveling to a warmer spot. The drive to Price, UT was almost all down hill, and I had a tail wind!! It made for really good mileage - 15.7MPG!!!!

I arrived at the Price Wal-Mart around 8PM, Tuesday, just before dark. Well, actually it was 9PM, but I hadn’t changed my clocks and I only THOUGHT it was 8PM.

I found a nice spot in the far corner of the W-M parking lot. I was sharing the area with a semi which seemed to be having it’s engine overhauled, and a VW camper van. I watched the driver of the camper van move around to various spots, checking what appeared to be a compass. He finally found the perfect spot, facing due west, I think. The van didn’t appear to have solar panels or a satellite dish, so I’m not sure why he was so intent on finding the perfect orientation.

It was nice having phone and Internet service for the evening, for a change. I checked the weather reports and decided to stay put in Price until Thursday morning due to high winds, which had shifted from blowing from the south to blowing from the northwest. Since I was heading north, then northeast, I thought waiting would be a good idea. But waiting meant I would probably be driving in the rain. Ah, little trade offs!! And every time I check the Internet for fuel prices, they have gone UP!!! Can’t our Gubbmint so something about this????



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