Monday, May 12, 2008

The count down is on.....

.....two days and awake-up, as we used to say in the incarceration industry. Today is Monday, I'm hitting the road on Thursday.

Today I went to the Sun Cities RV Storage Compound, hitched up my trailer, scrubbed the trailer, including the roof, aired up the tires, then brought the trailer home. Now that my 4-wheeler has a new home, I have lots more room in my trailer for STUFF. With the 4-wheeler I had 4 storage containers in the back end. Today I loaded up 9 containers into the trailer, and 4 containers into the back end of the pick-up.

Then I took a bubble bath to soak away my aches and pains. I'm getting in as many bubble baths as I can before I leave my big bathtub behind for the summer, and part of the spring, and part of the fall. :-)

The next two days I'll be adding more stuff. :-)

I've been checking out diesel prices in areas I'll be traveling to this year. Riverton, WY's diesel prices, at their various fueling stations, vary from $4.06/gal. to $4.50/gal. Boy, what a disparity!! I sure hope I can find the $4.06/gal. station. MapQuest will be helping me. :-)


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