Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wild, Wild Horses

"Listen to the SOUND of pounding hooves......" so says the brochure.

Above is the scene we were expecting to see. However,

...this is what we saw - one lonely horse on top of a ridge. It really is a horse!! I barely got this shot taken before the beautiful creature disappeared into a canyon.

The town of Green River is off in the distance. The snow capped Uintah Mountains are even farther off in the distance, in Utah.

I joined a carpool of wild Horse Loop Ride WINs. We were a bit disappointed we didn't see herds of galloping horses out in the wild. It was a beautiful ride, none the less. After returning to our WIN gathering parking spot in Green River we found 8 of the 14 rigs had departed. We never finalized where we were heading to on Monday. The 8 early departing rigs left on Sunday. Why the Rush? I'm not sure. Several WINs often leave a gathering early, but usually not the host and co-host. HMMMM. I found myself taking it personally. Was there a reason they left and didn't tell me where they were going? I may never know. But, during our 6 person 4 o'clock "Circle" we received a few phone calls informing us where the 8 departed WINs had gone. One went one place and 7 went another place. One place is down a 4 mile dirt road with lousy cell phone service, miles from a town. The other is down 1/4 mile dirt road with great phone service and just 1/2 mile to the town of La Barge. At this moment I'm not sure which location I'll head to tomorrow morning. OK, now I've decided. Phone service and almost no dirt road wins!! Both spots are right on the Green River. But what I really want is temperatures somewhere above the 50's so I can go on an enjoyable motorcycle ride. Checking the weather reports, it looks like next Friday will finally be in the 60's. :-)
(check the above links for more info on the Green River area)


At 8:14 PM, Blogger Diana said...

Congrats on even seeing one horse. It's not that easy. I've been on the loop and didn't see any.

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

Love your expectation and reality pictures. Made me LOL! Sounds like a really independent group you're with, even for WINs.

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

Where to go is a no brainer. Just as long as it's quieter than the train tracks.


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