Sunday, May 02, 2010

Border Operation

From Concerned Citizens.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and the other race baiting, ethnocentric anarchists want the sheeple of America to believe the border is under "operational control". Nothing could be further from the truth and a group of "Concerned Citizens" are ready to deploy, to video tape and educate Americans about the real threat to National Security and our public safety.

"Concerned Citizens" want a full blown showing of people who can come out and enjoy our federal lands. This will be people coming together to help AZ Governor Jan Brewer and the people of Arizona to bring attention to the need for National Guard on our southern border.

In support of Jan Brewer signing SB1070 let's help educate.......It’s time to bring back the" Minuteman Type Lines"

There are 30 miles of area in a straight line that we need to cover. Which make it perfect for a "Line"

What action? I propose doing what we do best..... DETERRENCE BY PRESENCE
When: Kick off ASAP for 2-3 weeks
Where: Interstate 8, 45 miles south of downtown Phoenix
Details: Multiple base camps at major choke points.
Comms: cell phones & FRS
Supplies: Gila Bend or Casa Grande
Participation: concerned citizens
Organization: concerned citizens
Responsible Party: yourself
Facilities: none (desert camping - BLM land- no permit required)
Weather: Hi- 90, Lo-50
SOP: detect, report & observe

"Concerned Citizens" continue to do the job the Federal Government won't do by securing the border south of Phoenix along Interstate 8. Let's show them how it COULD be done if Congress put Troops on the border.

How do we do that? Detect report & observe. Eyes and ears. Local law enforcement in the area "gets it". This area is extremely active. No apprehensions, citizen’s arrests or high speed chases on I-8 (nothing wrong with "leaving the light on" for them at night).

The area south of Interstate 8 between Gila Bend (Junction 85 & I-8) and Casa Grande (Junction I-8 & I-10) is a major smuggling corridor.....drugs, IAs, weapons..... We’ve seen it all. This is approximately a 60 mile stretch, but not all that distance is active with smuggling. The traffic comes up through the Tohono D' O'dham Reservation day and night.

The fact that load vehicles use I-8 to enter this area, pick up their loads and leave the area makes them vulnerable to detection. Load areas on I-8 are typically one of the following: dirt roads, major washes and/or mile markers. Mile markers are used a "waypoints" by the load vehicles, so this also makes them vulnerable to detection.

Bottom line, if we had enough dedicated individuals "camped out" on the entire known active load up points on I-8, we could effectively shut this area down. A lot of recon has been completed in this area so we know this is doable.... just a matter of enough dedicated individuals.

This IS a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area and is potentially very dangerous so participating individuals who need to be prepared to defend themselves.

This is just one person's idea of something to do to make a difference and make a statement. Pass this around and see what interest there is in doing something like this

A Concerned Citizen
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