Monday, November 24, 2008

One last chance to preserve our Nation

Friends of ALIPAC and all concerned Americans,
Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are very close to having the 60 votes they need in the US Senate to pursue almost any radical agenda, including restrictions on free speech and AMNESTY for illegal aliens.
Those of you that stood with us when we defeated versions of Amnesty in the US Senate several times in 2006 and 2007 will remember how important 60 Cloture votes are!
These bills with misleading titles such as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", "Guest Worker Programs". "Temporary Worker Programs", or whatever they rename it because the public despises the legislation as soon as they learn what they mean.
We have defeated them before and we must defeat them again!
The math in the Senate is very close!
We know that John McCain has promised Obama to bring him 3-6 Republican votes for several components of his agenda including Amnesty. The three Republican Senators most likely to support Obama are John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Mel Martinez (R-FL).
The good news is there are at least 2 Democrats that will not vote for Amnesty.
That is why your immediate support is needed for our endorsed candidate in Georgia!
We need ALIPACers across the nation responding quickly.
We need...
1. Votes: We need every ALIPAC supporter in GA gearing up to vote for Saxby Chambliss on Dec. 2 and to bring everyone you can with you to the polls.
2. Volunteers: Obama is sending 100 of his top field operatives into Georgia. Most are already deployed. Please visit the link below and volunteer for Saxby Chambliss. Volunteers from Georgia and any other state are needed.
3. Donations: The Democratic National Committee and other far left groups are targeting this race to establish supremacy in the Senate. Please use the link below to donate to Saxby Chambliss's campaign.
To learn more about, volunteer, and contribute visit this link...

Saxby Chambliss has an A rating from our friends at Better Immigration...

Chambliss's opponent, Jim Martin, supports "comprehensive immigration reform" and "legalized status" (AMNESTY) for the vast majority of illegal aliens as indicated on his website.

Senator Chambliss has spoken directly with ALIPAC's President William Gheen and has vowed he will vote against any legislation containing any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens, including Cloture votes. Senator Chambliss has stated he will stand with our friend Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) on these issues.
We need a full mobilization of votes, volunteers, and donations, into the Chambliss campaign immediately.



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