Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Sunday Ride

Since it was Sunday I decided a motorcycle ride was in order. And since the Cheyenne, WY area isn't especially scenic, I thought a ride into Nebraska was a good idea, because I had never ridden in Nebraska and this was an opportunity to check that state off my list. I've now ridden in 26 states, I think.

I headed east on I-80 toward Pine Bluffs, WY, right on the WY/NE border. About 10 miles outside of town I began wondering, in this land of FLAT terrain, does Pine Bluffs really have pine covered bluffs. Well, about 5 mile later I saw them - huge bluffs, and yes, they were covered with pine trees.

I exited the interstate at Pine Bluffs and then took the old Lincoln Highway 30. It paralleled I-80 and this started my Nebraska part of the ride. I continued east on HWY 30 for about 20 miles, then turned left/north on HWY 71 towards Scottsbluff. Again I started to wonder about the possibility of a bluff in Scottsbluff. Before reaching the town, I pulled in at the Wild Cat Nature Center

And took the following pictures

It was a bit hazy, but there's some bluffs off in the distance. :-)

I continued on to Scottsbluff, got a bit lost, but finally found my way to HWY 26 which took me northwest for about 28 miles to Torrington, WY, where I then turn left/south on HWY 85 towards Cheyenne. On this last stretch, heading south, into the hot relentless sun, was the first time I ever remember praying for rain while on a motorcycle ride. It never rained, but eventually huge black clouds covered the sun and the temperature dropped drastically. :-)
The total ride was about 200 miles.


At 10:50 AM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

I don't have my map book with me - does that mean you never saw Scotts Bluff? It was a famous landmark for the pioneers and pretty impressive.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger sally said...

Lots and lots of flat land, and then BLUFFS!! No signs saying "Scotts Bluff", but they definitley could be seen for many miles away.


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