Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday at the Wyoming HOG Rally

Friday morning around 9 am I departed, with several of my new found Harley friends, for the first of two Rally Poker Runs.

Here we are checking in for the Poker Run and getting our first Poker Hand Punch

Friday's run took us north on HWY 287 to Crowheart for a Poker Hand Punch,

Crowheart Store

Then to Lava Mountain Lodge (appr. 50 miles past Crowheart) for a Poker Hand Punch and $5+ per gallon gas.

Lava Mountain Lodge, at 9600' elevation

The view from the back of the Lava Mountain Lodge

Then we went back to DuBois (pronounced Do Boys) for a Poker Hand Punch and lunch at the Whiskey Creek Saloon. They had a lunch special for the Rally goers - $4 for a large bowl of delicious chili and garlic toast.

Nine Happy Harley Riders

These pictures were taken along HWY 287. I'm not sure what makes the lavender streaks in the mountains in the first picture, but they sure were pretty!! The red rocks were pretty, too.

Then we went back to Lander to the Breadboard for the last Poker Hand Punch and free sub sandwiches. Since I was still full from the chili, I took my sandwich back to my trailer and had it for dinner. I improved over my last poker run hand which was a pair of 2's. This time I got a pair of 4's. YIPPEE!!! After the poker run we had a free bike wash, a bike show, bike games and off-bike games. And from 8-9 there was a walking poker run in downtown Lander. I skipped it all and just hung out with my doggies and rested.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger Diana said...

Those look like a bunch of hard-core Harley riders! Glad your poker luck is improving.

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

I'm glad you don't earn your living by playing poker. That poker hand punch sounds painful.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger sally said...

You are too funny, Barb!! The Poker Hand Envelope got punched!! But it did look a bit painful for the punchers because they were punching holes through 5 layers of paper!! OUCH!!!


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