Friday, March 09, 2007

Wild Hogs, the movie

March 2nd was opening day for Wild Hogs, the movie. I joined hundreds of other "Wild Hogs" on opening night to watch the movie. It didn't get great reviews but I laughed my head off during the whole movie as did everyone else in the huge theatre. Maybe you had to show up on two wheels wearing leather chaps and jacket to really appreciate the movie. Most large cities across the country had a special opening night for riders. We had special motorcycle parking at the Westgate City Center theatre complex in Glendale, AZ.
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For the last couple of weeks I have mentioned the movie Wild Hogs and have included the hilarious trailer in the newsletter. One of my biggest concerns of seeing a movie with such a good trailer is wondering if we have seen all of the good parts wrapped up in a 2 minute clip. Last night, I had the chance to see a sneak preview of the movie and my fears were put to rest. While a lot of the good parts were in the trailer, there were a lot more funny parts to the movie and it is well worth seeing. Thanks to Arrowhead HD and Chester's HD for the offer of tickets. Wild Hogs is really the first mainstream motorcycle theme movie that we have had since the debut of Easy Rider back in 1969. Yep, for all of you that saw the opening night of Easy Rider, that was 38 years ago. My how time flies. Those almost 4 decades flew right by didn't they? As you know by now, Wild Hogs stars John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy as four middle aged men who decide they need to take a 2000 mile road trip for a break from their predictable lives. The first part of the movie sets up each character's current situation before they all meet on the road, throw away their cell phones and head for the West coast. (Take note of the interesting helmet wearing debate that the writer throws in at this point between John Travolta and Martin Lawrence.) At this point the storyline moves to the road where you will see a lot of good New Mexico riding scenery and watch the characters experience the perils of riding that we all have gone through at some point in our riding careers. There are several very funny moments in this segment that we can all relate to. This fun road trip changes as the boys happen on to a bar owned by the Del Fuegos motorcycle gang, that are less than amused by these yuppies from the big city. This is the point when the fun ride to the coast turns out to be a trip they will never forget, but for a different reason. I will admit to acting closer to a 10 year old than a 50 year old when it comes to anticipation. A lot of times when you get so hyped up on something, be it a road trip to a famous landmark, a concert or a movie, reality will not always live up to your expectations. So with the funny trailer and the last couple of months of anticipation, I had completely set myself up for disappointment. But, I am happy to report, that this is one time that the product was in line with the expectations. If you are looking for a movie like Easy Rider, this is not the one for you. With a cast like John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy, this can only be a lighthearted sometimes slapstick comedy that pokes fun at motorcycle riding , yuppies, gangs and life in general. So if you are looking for anything more than an hour and 40 minutes of being entertained and seeing some good riding scenery, then you won't want to go to this movie. But if this is what you like, you will be entertained. Everyone that I talked to on the way out of the theater liked the movie. My only criticism would be that near the end they carried a few of the silly scenes a little longer than was necessary, but other than that, I thought how they wrapped it all up at the end was very good. Stay tuned for 2 surprising cameos in the beginning and one big one at the end. The scene as the credits are rolling is great, make sure you don't leave too soon. Using the scoring system, I give this movie 4 spokes out of 5 just for the sheer entertainment value and riding scenery. I am looking forward to seeing it again. If you would like to see the movie on opening night, March 2nd, I am putting together a ride night to the movie at the AMC 20 at Westgate City Center next to the Cardinals Stadium located on the SE corner of the Loop 101 and Glendale Ave. in Glendale. There will be motorcycle only parking on the street in front of the theater as well as a big area of motorcycle only in the main parking lot. I have also invited the local news stations to cover this event. It would be great to have a few hundred motorcycles lining the streets while riders watch the movie together in the 468 seat auditorium with stadium seating and a 4 story screen at AMC Westgate 20. I will also have several posters to give away that evening. Get your riding groups and pals together and let's have some fun at the movies on Friday, March 2nd. You will need to buy your tickets online to be guaranteed a seat that night, or go to the box office earlier in the week to purchase. Here are the particulars. Movie Ride Night
What: Movie Ride Night, Premier of "Wild Hogs"When: Friday, March 2ndWhere:
AMC Westgate 20, SE corner of the Loop 101 and Glendale Ave. in Glendale.Time: There will be several showings throughout the day, but the big theater will be showing the movie between 7:00 and 7:30pm. Exact times are not out yet and will be listed on the web site next week.Tickets: Tickets should be on sale by Tuesday, February 27th. Buy online to guarantee a seat that night at, You will then see a list of theaters in that area. The first one should be the AMC Westgate 20. Click on that and follow the procedure to buy the Wild Hogs tickets at the time that you want to go. You can also go to the box office the week of. You can call to see if tickets are available before you go. AMC Westgate phone number is: 623-772-1758.Why: An opportunity to see a funny entertaining motorcycle themed movie with a bunch of other riders who will get the jokes just like you. The more the merrier. Tell all of your riding buddies. Let's make it a big showing.Restaurants: There are a few places to eat in the Westgate area that are now open including Gordon Biersch, The Yardhouse, Moe's Southwestern Grill and Johnny Rockets. There is also a Coffee Plantation, Coldstone Creamery and a couple of other places. Click Here for the short clip of John Travolta on the David Letterman Show.


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