Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A fun afternoon counter protesting

I was in Cabela's (across the street from the UofA Stadium) Monday afternoon shopping for a shotgun when I came upon a gentleman wearing a "STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION" t-SHIRT. I figured he was the owner of the truck I parked next to in the parking lot. The truck was covered with some of my favorite stickers. I introduced myself and found out he was meeting other Patriots there to counter-protest the protesters in the story below. Well, I couldn't help myslef. I had to join them. We missed the majority of their group but we encountered a multitude of media. They "seemed" very interested in our opinions. One reporter kept asking me why I don't think these students deserve to get an education. I kept trying to correct her and remind her that we were referring to ILLEGAL ALIENS. She finally said those words herself. I said they deserve to get an education in their own country. I pointed out that our group had an American Indian AZ resident who had to pay out-of-state tuition when she attented a college in Utah. Anyway, we kept trying to explain that we are against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, not students, not Mexicans, not Immigrants. They didn't get it. We mentioned having to pay the hospital bills when illegals have babies. One young senorita said that I didn't have to pay for their baby's because I didn't build the hospital. I really think she was serious. If we didn't pay the contractor for the construction of the building, we don't pay their hospital bills. UNBELIVABLE!! They have NO concept of taxes!! We were complaining about the taxes we have to pay for illegals and one illegal looking guy threw a dollar bill on the ground to help off set our expense. I picked it up and they all laughed at me. I told them Americans don't litter and I will place it in a trash can for him. The only counter argument his female companion, with 3 anchor babies in tow, could come up with was telling me that I'm "old." OUCH!! That hurt.!! (I colored my roots that night!!!) What does that have to do with the price of tacos? Anyway, all in all it was a fun and productive day of counter-protesting the protesters. If the article below isn't really clear about what they are protesting, the illegal aliens don't want to have to pay out-of-state tuition while they are in the country illegally attending our Universities. The AZ voters voted this in as law this past Nov. The little illegal aliens aren't happy. One sad note though. One of our Patriots was riding a motorcycle and as she was entering the parking lot where we were parked she was rear ended, by a senior citizen looking gentleman, who I'm sure has insurance. Last I heard Lee might have suffered a separated shoulder. It looked much worse, but hopefully it wasn't. Hopefully she came out better than her bike.

STORY: GLENDALE - Several immigration rights advocates received citations this afternoon as Glendale police blocked about 500 protesters from marching to University of Phoenix Stadium. The City of Glendale refused to issue a permit allowing the march, saying it would be impossible to ensure the marchers' safety because of clogged roads. Nevertheless, the ASU student who organized the march says they'll go anyway. Twenty-three-year-old Carlos Garcia says it's their constitutional right to protest. But Garcia says they'll turn around if and when police stop them. Protest organizers say Gator and Buckeye fans might not have immigration reform on their minds. But protesters say the national championship, and the intense media attention that comes with it, was too attractive to pass up. Protesters crammed along a sidewalk for a half mile. Waving handmade pro-immigration signs, they chanted "Si Se Pude (Yes, we can)." The immigration reform group Somos America wanted to draw attention to a new Arizona law they say will keep thousands of immigrant students from attending college.

PS I'm not sure what "Yes, we can" is referring to. Yes we can come into your country and break all the laws we want, and we can demand lower tuition even though the voters said NO!! ??? Beats me.


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