Friday, February 09, 2007

Patriot Guard Ride

Bikers assemble to ride to honor a Veteran

Bikers lineup with American flags to honor a

I had good taste of America yesterday. I attended my 3rd Patriot Guard ride today. One month ago I attended the funeral of Army Sgt. David Staats who was killed in Iraq. Yesterday I attended his father's funeral, who was a Veteran. The father was beaten to death when he stopped his bicycle to ask a women if everything was OK as a heated argument seemed to be going on between the woman and a man. The "man" was upset that someone was meddling in his business and beat Mr. Staats almost to death. He died later in the hospital.

I was one of about 100 motorcycle riders who rode in the funeral procession Thursday. Almost all had American flags flying on the back of our bikes. We rode approx. 15 miles. I saw several Americans along the road, standing with their hands over their hearts as our very long procession passed by. I wanted to say thank you to them for being Patriotic American Citizens. The unfortunate death of the Sgt. and then the senseless death of his father are just heart breaking, but having so many Americans show up to show their respect and support was heart warming.


At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Lance said...

Sally, What a sad story. Such a senseless death for the father to suffer. That family has given their all to our country,while useless idiots continue to live and spout out their vitriol. I'm glad the Patriot Guard Riders were there in support of the veteran and his family. As a Vet myself, and a PGR Captain, I makes me proud to see the show of respect that PGR groups all over the country show for our Vets. This time, lets give them the respect they deserve.


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