Friday, January 26, 2007

13 days in Quartzsite, AZ

The large white rectangle is the BIG TENT at the Quartzsite RV
Show Everything else in the
picture close to the tent is vendors and autos, and everything
farther out is RVs of various sizes, shapes and prices.

Below is a picture from another fun 4-wheeler trip into the desert to the Southern Cross Mine with the WIN RV Club. The trip was made a bit more interesting due to the TV film crew which joined us from doing a special on Retired RVers. Some of the WINs will have their few moments of fame when the TV show is aired in Feb '07

I joined my RV Club, WIN, on a Sunday trip to the The Desert Bar.
Click on the link below for the history and more pictures of this
historic piece of America.

Lunch at the Desert Bar, outside of Parker, AZ.

Dozens of solar panels power the dining establishment as there
is absolutley no electricity in the area.


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