Saturday, January 10, 2009

So far so good

The sale is moving along. The buyer and coming tomorrow for a termite inspection. I've started packing up some of my not really needed stuff. To complicate things, several months ago I agreed to rent out my condo for a month starting this coming Friday. We had agreed to extend the rental a week or two if the renters wanted. Yesterday I had to inform the renters that I've sold the unit and extending for a week or two isn't an option now. I haven't heard back from the renters since. I hope they don't cancel. I already have plans for the rent money.
Yesterday I put in an offer on a house. I was a few days late as an offer and a counter-offer was already in the works. So, I put in an offer on a second house. That offer was quite a bit lower than the asking price so I'm expecting a counter offer. I guess that's better than no counter. This second house has been on my short list for over a year. The house has been on the market for over a year and a half. Hopefully my realtor can work some magic and convince the sellers that they are asking way too much.
Stay tuned!!


At 7:10 AM, Blogger Did it MY way said...

Hi Sally;
Good luck on both options.I have been trying to sell my condo in Florida for over a year now so I can go full time.

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

Looking good! Keep us updated.


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