Sunday, September 17, 2006

Boy Did I Screw Up!

At 8:30 this morning (Sept. 14th) I checked the Patriot Guard web site to see if there were any rides going on in the area I'm in, Portland, OR. There was. I've been wanting to participate in a Patriot Guard ride for almost a year now, ever since I first heard about them. Well, I checked into where the riders were meeting, found it on my computer trip program then headed off on my motorcycle, in a drizzle. I stopped about 15 miles down the road to put on my rain pants and a keep-my-face-warm thing. The rain subsided, for awhile, but it started pouring before I got to my freeway offramp. Now the bad news: I never did find the right meeting spot. The address I looked up didn't exist and since it was raining very hard making the roads very slick causing me to fishtail at every stop, with wet, squeeky brakes, I gave up and headed back home. I missed one of my freeway interchanges due to low visibily from tire spray and wet, fogged up glasses. After my very wet 70 mile round trip ride , I returned home soaking wet and freezing cold. I should have done a better job researching the location of the meeting spot. Next time I definitley will.

Final Itinerary - Sgt. 1st Class Richard J. Henkes II, 32, of Portland Ore - 14 Sep 06

PS I was hoping to post details of my very exciting and patriotic Patriot Guard Ride experience. Maybe another day.


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