Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kalispell to Missoula

I left Kalispell, MT on Friday August 25 and headed south on Scenic Hwy. 83 which is on the west side of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I passed through the town of Seeley Lake and before turning west on Hwy. 200 I stopped at the rest stop at the intersection. Sorry to mention this, Arizona residents, but it was 2 PM and the temperature was 55 degrees. I ran the truck heater most of the day. I arrived in Missoula around 4 PM. I filled up my propane tanks at Bretz RV for .99/gallon then continued on the the Big Sky Brewery where I had my fill, again, of free samples of Moose Drool, IPA, and Summer Honey.
Saturday morning I hit Costco for one last shopping spree in sales tax free Montana. I bought 2 copies of Pat Buchanan's new book State of Emergency - The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America. $14.39 each. Such a deal!! In my opinion, Pat nails the illegal immigration disaster on the head. I suggest every American citizen read his book. It hit #1 on Amazon the first day it was released.
Then I perused the Montana Harley-Davidson shop looking for a bargain or two. I didn't find any. But I did find Hot Harley Nights going on at the store. They had a silent auction and a live auction where they auctioned off 2 tickets to the Rolling Stones Concert coming later this summer to Missoula. I think the tickets went for around $800. Then they had the usual biker games - the "slow race" and the "bite the wienie" contest. Then they had the "burn out." Luckily the wind shifted slightly just before it began or I'd be smelling burnt rubber in my trailer for weeks to come. The "burn out" is the one thing I just can't understand in the biker culture.
Later today (Sunday) I will head west on Hwy 12 for a day or two of soaking in my favorite Hot Spring. I'll be out of cell phone range for a few days, and I won't be setting up my satellite TV dish but I will have my Sirius radio to keep me up to date on what's happening in the world.

An interesting side note - I parked at the Elk's Lodge in Kalispell for 5 days. The man parked across from me, it turns out, went to the same High school I went to - Birmingham HS in Van Nuys, CA. He graduated about 7 years before me. What a small world. Also, the two ladies that arrived at the Helena Elks Lodge just before I departed there also arrived at the Kalispell Elks. Another friend, Lloyd, was at the Helena Elk's when I arrived there. I ran into Lloyd at an Escapees Park in Florida two years ago. I think that was the last time I had seen him. I thought I might run into him in Missoula too, but.....


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