Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eagle Nest II

I spent two and a half weeks at Eagle Nest State Park. It was a lovely place but the high altitude and my sinus/tooth problem kept me feeling a little yucky most of the time. But, on the good days I hopped on my motorcycle and went on some really great rides.

My first ride was about 150 miles and took me first to the town of Cimarron, then back to Eagle Nest and then around the Enchanted Circle. It was definitely enchanting.

Next, Doug Hubbard and I went on a 250 mile ride, first to Chama where we had lunch, then down to Heron Lake, where Doug was heading next with his RV, to check it out. I was definitely in Harley Heaven. This was my favorite type of ride - mountains, pine trees, rivers, lots of gentle S-curves, and a more beautiful vista around every corner and over every hill.

Here's a picture taken on Hwy 64 in the San Juan Mountains, looking west.

Another ride took Doug and me down Hwy 434 so I could check out the road and Storrie Lake, where I was heading next with my RV. It was another great ride, with more beautiful mountain views and terrain. There was a 5 mile section where the road was basically 1 and a half lanes, not the usual two lanes. So, there was no line painted down the center of the road. It was no problem on the motorcycles, but I was planning on pulling my 81/2 foot wide trailer down the road. I was a bit concerned, but my friend Joan pulled her 5th wheel UP the hill, so I finally decided I could pull mine DOWN the hill. On that day we had a big breakfast in the charming town of Angle Fire before the ride.

On my last ride, after breakfast with Doug and Bill Wynn, I left those guys in the dust and headed around the Enchanted Circle again, but this time took the road up to Taos Ski Valley, where I took a few pictures, then headed back to camp the way I came.

Here's a picture of the Taos Ski Valley

Here's a picture of some of the wildlife I spotted in the Eagle Nest State Park

Here's a few more pictures of the lake at Eagle Nest.

I took a field trip to the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire. It was originally a private venture, but is now a State Park.

"The memorial was originally known as the Vietnam Veterans Peace and Brotherhood Chapel and had its origins in a battle near Con Thien, South Vietnam in which 16 men lost their lives. Among the men, was David Westphall, son of Victor and Jeanne Westphall. Thanks to their vision and determination the memorial exists today to honor not only these 16 Marines but all members of America's Armed Forces."

Here's some pictures I took when I visited the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Chapel.

My stay at Eagle Nest State Park had to come to an end as I had to continue on my Great Summer of '09 Adventure.


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

You were lucky to get that great wildlife shot! Sorry to hear about your sinus/tooth problem. Hope it clears up so you can continue your Great Summer of '09 Adventure.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Diana said...

More beautiful scenery! I really need to go there. Also the Memorial looks like a very special place.


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